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Hey Mama, if you’re ready to leave the mainstream advice of disconnection and dysfunction behind, step onto the natural parenting path, get the gentle parenting tools you need, and elevate your parenting to thrive as a family, then welcome home.

If things like co-sleeping and night nursing, compassionate communication with respectful collaboration and natural consequences (positive discipline), and self-directed and experiential learning (unschooling and adventuring) sound like your jam, then you’ve found your guide.

“Rachel Rainbolt is so radical. She is a mama’s mama! Her guidance is a light in the dark. You can set aside all the advice of disconnection because small Sage Parenting shifts yield huge results.”
Melissa Lang-Lytle

I'm Rachel

I’m the Parenting Coach for gentle (intentional, intuitive, respectful, compassionate, authentic) women who want to elevate their mothering and are ready to get connected, joyful, and free on the natural path.

I bring a unique alchemy of insight (M.A. Family Therapy, CEIM, and published writer of 4 books, numerous curricula, and countless articles), experience (nearly 2 decades working with young children and parents), passion (media advocate on television, podcasts, and vlogs), and heart (unschooling and attachment parenting mother of 3) to sage parenting coaching, classes, and books.

My mission is to guide and empower families like yours through sleep, parenting, and homeschooling to a lifestyle in which everyone is rested, honored, learning, and thriving in connection.

“You’re not just getting the parenting advice you need to meet today’s challenges, you’re getting a relationship with a brilliant woman who truly cares about you and your children for years to come. This is support for the long journey of motherhood.”
Melanie Scott

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