Hi, I'm Rachel

PNW Adventure Mama and Sage Parenting Coach, guiding struggling gentle mamas down the natural parenting path from my laptop while living wild and free in connection with my 3 wildlings and the papa bear. 

I bring a unique alchemy of insight (M.A. Family Therapy, CEIM, and published writer of 4 books, numerous curricula, and countless articles)experience (2 decades working with young children and parents)passion (media advocate on television, podcasts, and vlogs), and heart (unschooling and attachment parenting mother of 3) to sage parenting coaching, classes, and books.

Pick Your Path

Your intentions are set on parenting from a place of love and respect when the realities of life with your child get in the way. But you don't have to be stuck. I have guided thousands of families with my books, classes, and coaching through the challenges to the other side - where intention and reality align (and over here, we sleep better, collaborate in peaceful connection, and passionately learn) . You can be the mother you want to be: you are worth it, your child deserves it, and the world needs it. Just pick your path. You're ready - let's do this. 

From a fellow mama who was where you are now

“Rachel Rainbolt is so radical. She is a mama’s mama! Her guidance is a light in the dark. You can set aside all the advice of disconnection because small Sage Parenting shifts yield huge results.”

Melissa Lang-Lytle

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"Every. time. I read what you write Rachel Rainbolt, I am inspired, comforted and truly feel like I have a Sherpa who knows the way, what to take, what to leave behind and how to enjoy this journey called parenthood."

Elisa Kisselburg-Phoedovius

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