A Day in the Life


I’m sometimes asked what a typical day looks like for us. Things vary wildly from day to day, which is part of what I love about homeschooling. We have the freedom to take advantage of any opportunity for life learning through adventure. So I made some mental notes and took a few pictures the other day just so I could give you a snapshot of our lives.

9:00 Wake up under the weight of my 3 year old cosleeping nursling’s cuddles. Peacefully soak in that bliss for about a half hour until hubs kisses us goodbye for work.IMG_2259

9:30 6 year old comes in from his room and flops into our cuddle and kisses his brother with a smiley, “Good morning Westy.”

9:45 West rides on my back to 9 year old’s room where we all sing him a good morning song and I rub his back.

10:00 Kids eat breakfast at the coffee table watching a TV show (Wild Kratts today) while I work (email coaching, bills, etc.) on my laptop on the couch, while munching on my own breakfast.

10:30 Boys do their work as well (homeschool curricula). They sit with me on the sofa to go over the lesson and then flop somewhere to complete the work while I go over the lesson with the next boy. Between the three of them, one is next to me, one is working, 3 year old is playing, and they take turns playing with him if/when he so desires. (Note: 3 days a week we do homeschool curricula or educational events. 2 days a week the older 2 attend learning center classes. They also have extracurriculars like rock band or swimming.)Playground

12:00 Meet friends at a cool new nontraditional park. Some days we play at the beach, go to a museum, explore a nature preserve, run around the Safari Park, or a myriad of other life learning activities.

2:00 Eat lunch at a family-owned small business pizza place with friends.

3:00 Learn chess from old men at a community center with friends.

6:30 Dinner at home.

7:30 Play, play, draw (6 year old), practice ukulele (9 year old), build with Legos, play on iPad, etc.

8:30 Baths, showers, teeth brushing, jammies.Chess

9:00 We all pile into the family bed (a king and twin sized mattress together in our master bedroom) and I read books. 3 year old’s selections come first. Then he nurses to sleep while we all cuddle together and I read chapter books.

10:00 9 and 6 year olds head to their own rooms to read their own books.

10:30 Daddy checks in with boys for a last cuddle.

10:00-12:00 Mommy and Daddy cuddle and watch TV together.

Homeschool Friendships: not based on grade or clique but quality.

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