An Icy Waterfall, Snowy Mountain, Island Lighthouse & Freakin’ Rainforest

We have made it our family mission to explore the hell out of this gorgeous state and Washington is not disappointing us. If you are feeling some wanderlust and craving adventure, start by exploring your own state! What adventures does it hold for your family that you haven’t yet tapped?

Snoqualmie Falls

This waterfall, covered in ice, was breathtaking. Watching the kayakers down at the bottom gave me such a perma-grin. We read through the signage and learned about hydropower while huddling together in the cold wind. And can we please talk about the town that houses this waterfall? North Bend is the cutest city ever and if I ever disappear myself, it may just be here.

Snoqualmie Pass

Then on to the main event: snow tubing! This activity was pure thrilling bliss for my action and snow loving boys. I have to admit, it was the best tubing park I’d ever been to. The powder the day we went was epic and made for great hills with soft landings. The icing on the cake was the friends that met us there – a 6 boy adventure crew.

The only hiccup was that it was so cold that West needed to spend half the time in the car with the heater on warming up, which means I spent half the time in the car warming up. All in all, I don’t mind some good warm cuddling in a snow storm.

Even the scenic drive left me giggly and squeally and pulling over ever few minutes to take pictures.

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Whidbey Island

We already explored Vashon and Bainbridge so we embarked from Mukilteo Lighthouse to Whidbey Island.

While driving through the island we happened upon Fort Casey, which is an abandoned military base and lighthouse. Whenever I see or hear the word abandoned, “Say what where now?,” my interest is piqued. Something about the haunting eeriness and tangible history of old buildings just makes me giddy.

Quinault Rainforest

Even the drive, again, gorgeous, as you wind through forest and farm land until you drive into the wall of towering evergreens. Valley of the Giants is a temperate rainforest full of regal cedars, explosive life, and waterfalls. Running through the moist trails of a real life rainforest was a lifetime highlight for sure. You almost expect to run into a dinosaur.

“We thought #rainforests we’re hot, like the Amazon. How is there a rainforest here?” “Great question. There are actually 2 types of rainforests: tropical (which can be hot, like the Amazon) and temperate (which can be cold, like this one). So what do you think makes something a rainforest?” “Lots of trees and wetness!” “Yes! With a canopy. They also need biodiversity. What do you think that means?” “Well bio, like, life, and diversity, like . . . difference?” “Exactly! So lots of different life – both plants and animals. Do you see any signs of animal life?” #wildandfree #wildandfreechildren #freerangekids #bornwild #riskyplay #unschooling #unschoolinglife #unschoolmama #theworldisourclassroom #unschoolingfamilyadventures #familytravel #naturallearning #experientiallearning #selfdirectedlearning #naturalparenting #sageparenting #nature #lifewithoutschool #adventure #homeschool #homeschooling #homeschoolmama #boys #brothers #washington #pnwwonderland #pnw

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Even the rocks were teeming with life!

We’ll be back Rainforest, we’ll be back. Next on the agenda is a waterfall and lighthouse tour around the peninsula and a trip to the San Juan Islands to see some orcas in the wild (suck it Sea World).