Big Move

Seattle Exodus

Seattle Exodus

Sage Parenting began 8 years ago with my graduation from MFT grad school and the birth of my second son. The early years of this passionate expression of my life’s work revolved largely around in person support, building my brand here in San Diego. Over the years as my expertise and experience has grown and evolved, support has shifted to virtual, allowing me to help guide thousands of families around the whole world through my email coaching, books, and ecourses. As my family enters a new season of adventures, the nest of operations is shifting to the Pacific Northwest. You’ll still receive the same support, but you’ll see less palm trees and more evergreens in the photos I share.

Growing up the way I did, a move was hugely traumatic. When you are in traditional public school and your single parents work full time, your entire life is the school ecosystem and the branches that extend from it.

As an unschooling family, we are completely free to explore the world! We learn through rich experiences and our tribe is already global and those connections run deep. As an attachment parenting family, my children’s sense of wholeness and connection is grounded in our family. Anywhere we are together is home.

This is a huge step for us and we could not be more excited. Stay tuned to witness what I’m sure will be a crazy journey.

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