SFP 42: Playschool with Teacher Tom

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Listen in iTunes This is episode 42 and today I’m here with Teacher Tom talking about playschool. Tom “Teacher Tom” Hobson is a preschool teacher, writer, speaker, artist, and author. After nearly 20 years as a teacher at the Woodland Park Cooperative School teaching children from 2-5, he has stepped into a new role as Head of Education for Weekdays where he helps teachers, daycare providers, and parents to start their own play-based neighborhood preschools and daycares. He is best known, however, for his namesake blog “Teacher Tom’s Blog” where he has posted daily for the past decade, sharing his thoughts […]


SFP 41: Food with Deena Barselah

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Listen in iTunes This is episode 41 and today I’m here with Deena Barselah talking about food. Deena is a Holistic and Integrative Health Coach, a wife, and a mom to 4-year-old Zeke.  Deena’s mission is to support mothers to thrive by leaning on simple, natural, and time-tested approaches to health and wellness.  Her journey into holistic health began in her late 20s when she took a closer look at her several chronic health issues and found that a whole-body approach supported her healing process in a way conventional medicine never could.  She questions the mainstream in many areas and […]


10 Ways to Celebrate Winter Solstice

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may contain amazon affiliate links Are you ready to embrace winter, get intentional with your holiday season, and be all about that hygge (the Danish season of cozy contentment)? Me too! Winter is one of my favorite seasons and I want to help you fall in love with it, so I’m giving you my top 10 tips for winning at winter. Let’s celebrate winter solstice! 1 Light Fires Is there anything cozier than a warm fire on a cold night? Fires in the fireplace, bon fires outdoors, and candles on the table are all ways to bring the element of […]

Protecting Passions

SFP 40: Protecting Passions with Roya Dedeaux

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Listen in iTunes This is episode 40 and today I’m here with Roya Dedeaux talking about supporting our child’s interests. Roya is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and grown homeschooler who lives with her husband, two kids, and assorted chickens and dogs in Southern California. Roya has a M.S. in Counseling and a B.A. in Recreation and Leisure Studies, which is the perfect combination of her interests: how play and recreation impact mental health and relationships. She has a private practice in Los Alamitos and provides in-person and online sessions for clients of all ages. Her therapy website is […]


SFP 39: Mompreneur with Aubrey Hargis

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Listen in iTunes This is episode 39 and today I’m here with Aubrey Hargis talking about Mompreneurship. Aubrey Hargis, M.Ed. is a parent coach, Montessori advocate, and homeschooler best known for her empathetic approach and appreciation for the magic of childhood. Aubrey lives with her husband and two children under a blanket of San Francisco fog, where the coastal cliffs and nearby redwood trails are always beckoning for another adventure. You can connect with her at ChildoftheRedwoods. Support the show on Patreon Adventure of the Week This week I share my birthday adventure to a local mountain resort called Suncadia. […]

Simple Holidays

SFP 38: Simple Holidays with Rachelle Crawford

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Listen in iTunes This is episode 38 and today I’m here with Rachelle Crawford talking about Simple Holidays. Rachelle Crawford is the author at Abundant Life With Less. She is passionate about her family’s transition from clutter and chaos, to purpose and peace, through owning less. She writes about practical strategies to owning less as well as what happens in the heart when we remove the excess and turn our attention toward what matters most. Support the show on Patreon Adventure of the Week This week I share our adventure in the Fall foliage with the spawning salmon at Flaming […]

Nakalele Blowhole

10 Family Adventure Highlights from Maui

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If nature adventuring as a family is your jam and Maui is your family travel destination, then skip the hours of research I already did and copy our vacation highlights (sharing is caring, right?)! Let’s start with some logistics. We spent 11 days on the Hawaiian island of Maui, which felt like just the right amount of time to experience all we dreamed of at the slow pace that leaves the space to absorb and enjoy it. As homeschoolers especially, we need the freedom to explore and question and process. This is a lifestyle for us, so we are intentional […]

Minimalism Book List

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contains affiliate links I have read a maximal amount of books about minimalism. My husband once joked, “How do you read so many minimalism books? Get rid of all your stuff. The end.” But of course, there’s so much more to simple living than that! I find reading different perspectives on how to weave minimalism through all the strands of my life to be meditative and inspiring. Then once I started writing my own Sage Minimalism book (which I’ll have to add to this list once it’s ready), I dove even deeper into self study in the field of minimalism: […]

SFP 37: Peaceful Partnership with Avital

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Listen in iTunes This is episode 37 and today I’m here with Avital talking about Peaceful Partnership. Founder of, Avital is a mindful parenting coach and childhood designer whose mission is to help parents and caregivers who struggle with chaos, clutter and conflict to transform their experience with young children into one of presence, play and peace. Trained in the Simplicity Parenting and Hand-in-Hand parenting disciplines, her work has been published in Huff Post, Motherly and is endorsed by the leaders in the Parenting space, Dr. Shefali Tsabary and Dr. Laura Markham. Avital has a global and thriving community […]


SFP 36: Worldschooling with Brandon and Jen Pearce

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Listen in iTunes This is episode 36 and today I’m here with Brandon and Jen Pearce talking about worldschooling. Brandon and Jennifer Pearce are the founders of the Family Adventure Summit, and co-founders of the At Home in the World Retreats. They have been traveling long-term with their three daughters (ages 16, 14, and 8) for the past 10 years, living in and/or visiting 45+ countries. Their website is Support the show on Patreon Adventure of the Week This week I share Sky’s adventure with some sewing mentorship. Follow along on Instagram Highlights Pearce and Jen go over the […]

Financial Independence

SFP 35: Financial Independence with Paula Pant

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Listen in iTunes This is episode 35 and today I’m here with Paula Pant talking about financial independence. Paula is financially independent and helps others break free through her Afford Anything podcast. We go over what FIRE is, how to increase income, reduce expenses, invest, and avoid common pitfalls. Support the show on Patreon Adventure of the Week This week I share our many adventures with my visiting niece and nephew. Follow along on Instagram Highlights We cover what FIRE or Financial Independence actually is. She shares her advice for increasing income. We go over how to dial down expenses. […]

Legacy File

Legacy File

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As a daughter who recently lost her mother, it’s hard to describe how deeply the condition of my mother’s estate impacted me. This is the grand, final gesture of love and care that you extend to your loved ones. It is a loud echo that can leave them comforted by your lullaby in the depth of their grief and on through the years. Or abandoned – overwhelmed, lost, and resentful. Abandoned is a strong word that may seem odd in the case of a death but it really fits. This legacy work can leave your children feeling mothered by you […]

Creating Community

SFP 34: Creating Community with Lucy Aitkenread

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Listen in iTunes This is episode 35 and today I’m here with Lucy Aitkenread talking about creating community. Lucy Aitkenread is founder of Parent Allies, a place that resources parents to be allies to their children. She lives off the grid in New Zealand with her family, where she creates videos and writes, facilitates retreats and workshops about how we can live compassionately – with our families, communities, ourselves and the earth. Support the show on Patreon Adventure of the Week I share our adventure at the Playing with FIRE documentary screening. Follow along on Instagram Highlights We talk about […]


SFP 33: Anxiety with Rachelle McCloud

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Listen in iTunes This is episode 33 and today I’m here with Rachelle McCloud talking about anxiety. Rachelle McCloud, LCSW is a mental health therapist and emotional wellness coach. She has a private practice located in Salem, Oregon where she specializes in moving anxiety, depression and trauma disorders into remission. She integrates traditional mental health therapy with emotional acupressure interventions, EMDR, and Energy Medicine strategies to provide the transformations required for her clients to achieve optimal and holistic emotional wellness. She also facilitates 3 transformation focused coaching programs including: Inner World Overhaul which is a program that helps people restore […]

Debt Freedom

SFP 32: Debt Freedom with Sami Womack

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Listen in iTunes This is episode 32 and today I’m here with Sami Womack talking about debt freedom. Sami Womack is the podcaster behind A Sunny Side Up Life Podcast. Sami is the wife to her high school sweetheart, Daniel, and a homeschooling momma to their three daughters. Her family began their intentional living journey with a debt price tag of $490,000. They took control of their family’s finances by downsizing, budgeting, and changing habits. From this experience, A Sunny Side Up Life was born.Today, Sami owns this business helping women get through dark times and experience the life-altering magic […]


SFP 31: Contentment with Desirae Endres

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Listen in iTunes This is episode 31 and today I’m here with Desirae Endres talking about contentment. Desirae is a mom, wife, host of the minimal-ish podcast, and a former classroom teacher turned online educator. Her goal is to give moms the tools they need to dive into the version of realistic minimalism that fits their family best and live an intentional life, focused on what matters to them. She spends her days in her old little home in Pittsburgh, PA with her toddler, husband, and golden doodle pup enjoying the people she loves and the work she feels called […]

Intentional Spending

SFP 30: Intentional Spending with Elizabeth Willard Thames

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Listen in iTunes | Listen in Stitcher This is episode 30 and today I’m here with Elizabeth Willard Thames talking about intentional spending. Elizabeth Willard Thames, better known as Mrs. Frugalwoods, is the creator of the award-winning personal finance blog, In 2016, at age 32, she reached financial independence and left a successful career in Boston to create a more meaningful, purpose-driven life on a 66-acre homestead in the woods of Vermont with her husband and their two young daughters. Thames is the author of Meet The Frugalwoods: Achieving Financial Independence Through Simple Living (HarperCollins; March 2018). Thames has been featured on The […]

Legal Transition

Legal TRANSition

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Part of my role as a mother to a transkid is to help her navigate the transition: social (presenting as the gender of her identity) , medical (aligning her physical body with her gender identity), and/or legal (amending her legal documents to accurately identify her gender identity). The legal transition was something I assumed we had years to figure out but as trans adults began sharing stories of their amended passport applications being denied under Trump’s regime,  we turned our attention to conquering this mountain of bureaucratic minutia. “But she’s so young. What if she changes her mind?!” While I’ve already spoken […]

Money Book List

Personal Finance Book List

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contains affiliate links I finished school after 22 years of formal education (I’m counting preschool and grad school) knowing absolutely nothing about personal finance (reason #9726 why we homeschool). I always considered myself to be pretty smart and good with money, but as I peeled back the layers of mainstream assumptions (parenting, schooling, working, consumerism, etc.), I began to see money in a whole new light. So, of course (you know how I do), I took a deep dive into all things personal finance to learn everything I could about how to have an intentional relationship with money that aligned […]

Family Travel Packing

Family Travel Packing in 3 Easy Steps

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contains affiliate links As a very detailed planner who is responsible for ensuring 5 people have everything they need while traveling, packing used to be incredibly stressful. It felt like mental gymnastics trying to anticipate every possible scenario in an unknown setting with 5 different personalities. I can neither confirm nor deny that my husband has come home from work to find me in tears surrounded by luggage on the eve of a trip. But I have learned a lot over the years of adventures and now have a system that makes packing for travel easy. And because I’m not […]