Night Night Milkies

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Gentle Night Weaning Many breastfed toddlers reach a point when they figure out that during the day, they do not want to stop being active and having fun to breastfeed. Walking and eating new solid foods are novel skills they are just too excited about to take a break, be still, and nurse. They want to spend the whole day walking, playing, and chowing down on solid food. But they are not yet ready to wean; they still crave the nutrition from breastmilk and the bonding time from breastfeeding. Your toddler is so smart that they may realize that nighttime is […]

Postpartum Depression

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A plea for connection over further disconnect I was recently a guest on a radio show about Postpartum Depression (PPD) in which the expert panelist was a very prominent leader in the field of PPD treatment. I was excited for the show and optimistic about the potential effects of having this discussion on this public forum. For a half hour I sat there listening to various iterations of the same treatment, pounded into the PPD treatment storyline: “date night” “an hour a day to yourself” “alone time” “independent interests”. I was sadly not surprised yet utterly disappointed that at no […]

Spanking: Children are People, Not Property

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There are some important questions to consider when looking at the issue of spanking: Is it okay to spank? There is no controversy. There is no debate. Spanking is ineffective and wrong. Some common arguments for the acceptability of spanking include the patriotic argument of ownership. “He is my child and I can parent him in any way I see fit.” While this is mostly true, as this freedom is a part of the foundation of this country and results in a better-rounded and diverse group of people, there are some limits to that freedom that we have collectively agreed […]

Touting my Toddler Tula

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A babywearing review As you all know, I have been an Ergo Baby fan for a long time, and I still am. So when people kept telling me I should give the Tula a try I kept coming up against a wall of “How is it any different from the Ergo?” and couldn’t get a good answer. Then my interest was piqued as my baby officially became a toddler and I discovered that Tulas come in a specially made size just for toddlers. So I ordered a gorgeous gray chevron toddler Tula and trekked around around Sea World for the […]

Our Children’s Book Favorites

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You can really help to shape your child’s experience and understanding of their world through the books you read together. Choose wisely and make reading books together a part of your lives. I have spent hours on the floors of bookstores and libraries reading through piles of books and gratefully receiving wonderful additions to our library from friends. Here are our favorites: Picture Books My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss My Many Colored Days is absolutely one of my favorite books.  It gives little ones so much.  Emotional intelligence is one of the greatest gifts you can give your […]

Family Fun in San Diego

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Nature Walk FREE, educational, healthy… ahhh the nature walk.  So good for the mind, body, and spirit.  Put your baby in the sling or carrier, let the children run free (leave the stroller at home), and bring Fido on the leash.  You are free to move at your own pace, stopping along the way to smell every flower and touch every tree.  This is a great opportunity to give your baby an educational multisensory experience.  Feel the wind, hold a leaf, hear an animal, see a butterfly, talking about it all with your little ones as their ambassador to nature.  […]

Infant Massage Rubs San Diego Babies the Right Way

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San Diego parents are catching on; research shows that infant massage makes your baby smarter, stronger, healthier, and happier. While most parents are lured to infant massage by benefits like improved sleep patterns and relief from gastrointestinal distress, many find the most rewarding benefit to be the bond that is fostered in their new relationship with their baby. Are you a new parent? Do you want to give your baby every advantage? Do you want something that makes parenting life easier along the way? Infant massage can give your baby a significant physical, intellectual, emotional, and social advantage that lasts […]

Public Humiliation as Discipline

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I can honestly say that this is one parenting trend that I did not see coming. It has taken me so long to write about it because quite frankly, I just cannot wrap my head around it. I have hesitated to even speak to it to avoid lending it any legitimacy. I had so hoped that these blips that kept popping up onto my radar were crazy flukes that would soon cease. Yet they persist. It flabbergasts me at two points along the process. First, that any parent would come up with the idea to publicly humiliate their child as […]

Asked and Answered

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When your child makes a request, REFLECT: “You want to go to the store and get a new Jesse guy.” VALIDATE: “You are saying this is very important to you because your Jesse guy broke.” CONSIDER: Try to find a way to say yes. “We could go to the store tomorrow after school and you could bring your allowance money and see if you have enough.” RESPOND: Clearly respond. “We cannot go to the store today.” EXPLAIN: We have too many things we already have to do today like soccer and a doctor’s appointment. NEGOTIATE: If your children are clever […]

Living Simply: Gratitude Over Greed

Living Simply: Gratitude over Greed

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  I am always slightly disheartened by the intensity of the fever pitch for acquisition. If you ask my children what the holidays are about, they will tell you something to the effect of “togetherness, giving, light.” While many are capable of reciting that dignified line, not many actually live that pledge. Millions of advertising dollars are spent convincing you and your children that “togetherness, giving, and light” come at a price and look quite different than the true heart of that sentiment. It is a powerful engine that drives the point and picks us all up along the way. I […]