Book Club: Captain Fantastic & Unfortunate Events

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This month for book club I read 360 Degrees Longitude, and it was meh in every sense of the word (and overpriced), so instead of providing a review of that book, I’m going to review the 2 things we watched this month that are still swirling around in my thoughts (in the best way).

Captain Fantastic

Captain Fantastic was a movie that was recommended to me by countless people. It was recommended to me so vehemently by so many friends that I was apprehensive to actually watch it. Has that ever happened to you? I might hate it. Worse, I might see reflected back to me something that is completely not my style (as in, I might be projecting something I don’t mean to). Of course, I also fully recognized that I was overthinking this movie invitation and I added it to my Netflix DVD queue.

This movie was incredible. It was so thought provoking on so many levels. Is this movie modeling the specific lifestyle and style of homeschooling I recommend? Absolutely not. But it truly was an incredible journey to follow that called into question so many things that are a given for the masses.

Unfortunately, I can’t really discuss specifics without flooding you with spoilers but I’ll say my favorite scenes were the family’s funeral and the visit with his sister while my least favorite scenes were the opening and the ending. But I can’t discuss why! Come back here and comment below after you’ve watched and I’ll share my specific thoughts in the comments.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

We have a more in our family culture to read a book or series, then watch the movie or series based on it. We read A Series of Unfortunate Events and while the unique narration, pessimism, and dry humor was refreshing, it wasn’t a big hit around here. But then we watched the new Neil Patrick Harris series on Netflix and it was amazing! It was visually remarkable with a style that felt completely new and the stories were so well told and performed. It has been our favorite media adaptation yet.

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