Book Review: Baby Poop

Baby Poop is an informative guide to your child’s digestive world. As someone who works to help support new mamas with their babies, I thought this book would be a good resource for my clients with specific questions about their baby’s poop (which, let’s face it, is one of the few ways baby’s communicate with us about their health). As a mother to three little ones myself, this book was tremendously informative for me! One of my kids already highlighted the Jell-O recipe. The book is called Baby Poop but it is really a parent’s guide to their children’s (lifelong) digestive worlds. It still lives on my shelf as a trusted go to reference guide for my children’s physical health (so much is connected to the gut!). If I could create a mandatory reading list for all new parents, this would be on it!

The thing that sets this book apart is that it approaches all these issues so commonly diagnosed and medicated with a mainstream medical approach with an evidence based, preventative, wholistic, and natural approach.

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