Book Review: Big Magic

Big Magic


Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert knocked my socks off.

“Creative” is not a word I ever claimed for myself. I was no artist. When my husband saw this book sitting on the kitchen island he remarked, “Why are you reading a book about creative living?” Now, this man is over the moon supportive and loving and sports a permanent pair of rose colored glasses while glancing in my direction (it’s mutual) and he was only honestly responding from a place of knowing how I saw myself and where I fell in the creative community (not). Plus, he’s the one with the F between his BA and MA (I stayed in my lane).

All I could say in response was, “She’s a writer like me.”

The truth is, I can’t say what called me to buy this book but I felt strongly called to it. Of course now having read the book, I see clearly how “big magic” was already at work.

In hindsight, it is absurd that I have so long resisted surrendering to and honoring the creativity that is my life’s work. The word for what I have done in seeing what was all around me and designing a whole other way of parenting is creative, both personally in the way I live my life and professionally in the ways I inspire and support others. Heck, I should really change my title from parenting coach to creative connection consultant. I am a writer. I am a creator. Heck, what I do didn’t even exist as a “job” (or a parenting lifestyle I had ever seen). I created it for myself and continue to do so everyday as I creatively strive to meet the needs of my people.

This book has helped me see more clearly and colorfully who I am and shifted my approach and mindset for my creative process. The genius of this book is that I don’t think I will change anything in the practical sense but I am experiencing everything in a different, healthy, and lovely way. My relationship to my creativity has shifted and for a creative like myself, that is huge.

  • I love my creativity and it loves me back.
  • Creative inspiration wants to be manifested.
  • My creativity is joyful, and that is richly productive.
  • I have no investment in the outcome, only the work for it’s own sake.

I’m on fire with creative inspiration. Thank you Big Magic.

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