Book Review: Love, Learn, Live

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I just finished reading Love, Learn, Live by Csilla and it was . . . meh.

My Instagram bio used to read Loving, Living, Learning so when I saw this book recommended by an unschooling blog I really like, I thought it likely to be something I would enjoy.

It is written by a homeschooling mother and consultant from Australia and while there was some goodness in it, I found it simple, uninspiring, and uninformative. The book is not bad! It just felt more self-congratulatory than helpful. Overall, it’s nice to peek behind the curtain of another homeschooling family but I wasn’t swooning like I did through Home Grown, highlighting like I did through Free to Learn, or jotting down ideas like I did through Project Based Homeschooling. If it wasn’t a book for Sage mama book club, I probably would have set it down on my virtual shelf half read.

However, I really do want to be supportive of other homeschooling families and mompreneurs so I tried to click all the links in her book and find her online to see more and she has apparently ghosted us. :/

Have you read it? What did you think? Comment below or head on over to the Sage Parenting Tribe and discuss with us under the Love, Learn, Live post!

Next month, we dive into The Carpenter and the Gardener. So grab your copy, settle into a good bedtime cuddle, and get reading.

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