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Book Review: Raising My Rainbow

Raising My Rainbow

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In Raising My Rainbow: Adventures in Raising a Fabulous, Gender Creative Son, Lori Duron walks you through her family’s journey with her son, CJ, as they transition into acceptance of his gender creativity. This was an easy and enjoyable read that brings light to an issue of immense anxiety, fear, and confusion for many. Her sense of humor in conveying the struggles they experienced along the way is both charming and relatable. The underlying message is the same one I advocate for: it’s your child’s job to be their authentic self and it’s your job as a parent to accept them for who they are, love them unconditionally, and advocate for them whenever necessary.

“God, grant me the serenity to bee an awesome mom for my gender-nonconforming child and the courage not to send him to UCLA to be experimented on; and wisdom, because we are different. Oh, and watch over Anderson Cooper, too. Amen.”

While I did really enjoy the book (and her blog), her perspective is firmly in the mainstream camp. Most of her family’s struggles were really more about school than CJ. When you’re in a natural homeschooling culture, the vast majority of those problems just don’t exist. I would love to slip a copy of Sage Homeschooling: Wild and Free under her virtual door.

“I hastily devised a plan in my head that would never come to fruition. I’d homeschool them. I’d burst up on my long division and get some workbooks from the local teachers’ supply store and set up class in our family room. I’d always wondered why anybody would homeschool their children. Not anymore. I started thinking about field trips we could go on. The zoo. The park. The library. The salon for mani-pedis. With me as teacher, principal, coach, and guidance counselor, they might not bee prepared for college, they might not bet socialized, they might not understand a lick of math, but by God, they wouldn’t be bullied. I could promise that.”

I’m looking forward to continuing to follow along on her family’s journey as her son grows. Perhaps a sequel once her son is through puberty is in the future . . .  (hint)?

Now head on over to the Sage Parenting Tribe, search the book title and comment to join the discussion! Any a-ha moments with enthusiastic nodding or side eye as you digested something unsavory? Let’s chat!

Next month, we dive into ???. So grab your copy, settle into a good bedtime cuddle, and get reading.

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