Book Review: Teach Your Own

I am a huge John Holt fan. I just needed to begin this review with that statement. I am also a fan of what I have read from Pat Farenga from other sources. So I thought the book Teach Your Own: The John Holt Book of Home Schooling would be a slam dunk. It wasn’t for me.

It wasn’t that I necessarily disagreed with any of the content but I just didn’t find it inspirational or informative.

Much of the content in the book consists of notes sent into the homeschooling magazine Growing Without School, which was run by both men, from parent readers. While I can appreciate what they were trying to do in providing a variety of voices to illustrate their points, it kind of felt like I was just sifting through notes.

If you are looking to be inspired and informed on your homeschooling journey, I would skip this book, but I remain a fan of both men and their work and I encourage you to perk up when their other writings cross your virtual desk.

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