Book Review: The Art of Self-Directed Learning

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The Art of Self-Directed Learning: 23 tips for giving yourself an unconventional education by Blake Boles is a book that is really written for teens and young adults to digest in light-hearted, inspirational bites. The author runs travel experiences around the world for teens and young adults and is involved in some camps and brings that real-life, experiential emphasis to his message. All in all, I would say it’s very light, and a book I might toss on the shelf for my someday teen but wouldn’t necessarily recommend reading as a parent.

My favorite bit might be his chart for mindset shifting, which gives you a good idea of the style of the book:

I can’t –> I could if I

I should –> I choose to

I don’t know –> I’ll find out

I wish –> I’ll make a plan

I hate –> I prefer

I have to –> I get to

Now head on over to the Sage Parenting Tribe, search the book title and comment to join the discussion! Any a-ha moments with enthusiastic nodding or side eye as you digested something unsavory? Let’s chat!

Next month, we dive into The Whole-Brain Child. So grab your copy, settle into a good bedtime cuddle, and get reading.

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