Book Review: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

We almost didn’t read this book. It looked boring. And old. And maybe I’m racist and sexist (I’m totally not). After reading hundreds of books together as a family with 3 little boys I literally judged this book by it’s cover and found it lacking a boy with a wand. But it was our last book for book club so we decided to just get through it and make the best of however it shook out. There is learning value in every experience, right?

It is one of our favorite books of all time. The way the author weaves stories together through time and characters is masterful. The theme of choosing happiness through gratitude is one that resonated with all of us so deeply. This book really affected our core while always feeling natural and self discovered.

The discussion questions at the end were perfect and we especially enjoyed the personal section where the author described her process for evolving this story from traditional Chinese stories to her first hand experience traveling to China to her own cultural identity to what it became: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon – we were fascinated by every word.

Add this to your family reading list.

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