Cage-Free Baby

Let’s raise our children with at least as much respect as we want for the chickens we eat: cage-free. A crib-less nightlife is safe and yields more sleep and independence. Join me for a sleep arrangement tour that is Montessori and Attachment Parenting based.


Why should we banish baby jail?

Respect: You shouldn’t do anything to your baby you wouldn’t want done to you. Would you want to be jailed all alone in an empty cage?

Mama Sleep: If you have to get up to meet your baby’s needs you will have less restful nights.

Child Sleep: Infants sleep best the way Mother Nature programmed them to sleep over millions of years of evolution – with their loving caregiver. As they grow, sleep arrangements that honor the child’s natural rhythms and balance of autonomy and connection foster a positive lifelong relationship with sleep.

Independence: Independence is not fostered in a sleep arrangement that leaves your little one completely dependent upon you to meet 100% of their needs (trapped in a box, unable to access the things, people, or freedom they might need).

Safety: Intentional co-sleeping is safer than crib sleeping. Floor beds set you up to teach your little ones to safely interact with their child-friendly environment, which is safer than attempting to barricade them from it.

Cage-Free Sleep Arrangements

Bed-Sharing: Sharing a sleep surface with your little one.
[Read the Safe Sleep chapter of the Sage Nighttime Parenting book for everything you need to know to set up a shared safe sleep environment.]

all white bedroom 1 Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy.

Side-Car Crib: Setting up a sleep surface for your baby that acts as an extension of your own.
[Watch the video on our to set up a side-car crib.]

side car

Side-Car Bed: Creating one large shared sleep surface.

side bed Image courtesy of My House of Giggles

Side-Car Bunk: A shared sleeping space that incorporates siblings.


Floor Bed: A safe separate sleep surface for your little one.

floor bed Image courtesy of The Bump

Floor Bunk: A shared sibling room with a floor bed bottom for a babe.

floor bunk Image courtesy of Kidsmopolitan

Create a floor bedroom that invites rest.

Safety: Babyproof the space (covers on outlets, wall mounted dressers, etc.). [Sage Playscape Coaching can help with that.]

Strip it Down: Remove everything from the room except the mattress and dresser.

Bring in: Invite into the space only bedding (fitted sheet only in infancy, lots of pillows and blankets in childhood), stuffed animals, books (board books for toddlers), calming decor, and tidy clothing (in a dresser and/or closet) – nothing stimulating (put all other toys and activities in a shared space where you will be together).

Set up: Set up the function of the room in such a way that your little one can manage the space. For example, a nightlight and/or sound machine your little one can turn on and off (toddlers love pushing buttons).

Join: Spend time with your little one in this restful space to extend all those feelings of security and warmth from your arms to the entire room.

kids room

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