Minimalist Wardrobe for Earth Mamas

Be comfortable and confident every. single. day.

Clear your closet clutter, build the wardrobe of your dreams, and get dressed each morning with ease. 

Minimalist Wardrobe for Earth Mamas

Are you a little depressed when you look in the mirror, feeling sloppy and unpretty?

Are you overwhelmed and stressed by the contents of your closet and dresser?

Do you ever stand in front of a packed closet and say, "I don't have anything to wear"?

Have you spent years devoting your body to the growth, nurturing, and care of little ones and now you feel you've lost your sense of your body in clothes and sense of style?

I was right there with you, standing anxiously in front of a packed closet for far too many minutes of my life, only to feel frumpy and wrong in front of the mirror. Then one day when stepping into my closet after showering off the dust from digitizing and minimizing my family's paperwork, I had an epiphany about just how much my wardrobe was weighing me down . . . while wrapped in a towel and dripping a puddle on the floor. I wanted to lighten my load, like I had been doing with the rest of my belongings, but just donating and tossing quantity wasn't exactly it. 

So I dropped the towel (no peeking), threw on my husband's t-shirt, crashed on the bed with my laptop, and researched the shiz out of minimalist wardrobe approaches and style identity creation. After my deep dive, I was able to see my wardrobe in a whole new light and work through a process that birthed my Minimalist Wardrobe for Earth Mamas, which is a mix of a uniform, capsule wardrobe, and enviable bohemian chic. 

Are you ready to let go of who you were and embrace the greatness of who you are?

Are you ready to stop being a victim of the wardrobe you fell into and start consciously cultivating a platform of authentic shininess with full intention?

Let's minimize your wardrobe and maximize your style.

*I'm not a fashion blogger who is going to tell you what is trendy this season and what cut and color compliments your fruit shape. I'm a life coach. What I do is help people get unstuck and becoming the person they want to be and living the life they want to live. I have come to discover that your wardrobe can be an important piece here. This is especially true for mothers who are reborn with a birth of a child evolve at light speed in their sense of self and lifestyle. A fashion magazine isn't going to get you where you want to be and neither is a stylist telling you what to wear today. I'm not going to tell you what to wear exactly; I'm going to tell you how to build your own very personal wardrobe template that can meet your unique needs and evolve right as you do.

We'll Cover

1. Simplify

Simplify your closet, removing stimulation overload and decision paralysis.

2. Build

Build the pillars of your wardrobe by mapping out your specific needs using an essential but easy-to-follow formula.

3. Find

Find your singular shining pieces - 1 from each category that brings you the most joy.

4. Duplicate

Duplicate the essentials and edit for coordination.

The Benefits

In one week, through a minimalist approach that incorporates intentional style identity, you will:

↠ be free of closet clutter

↠ get dressed each morning with ease

↠ enjoy more free time

↠ look beautiful

↠ be comfortable

↠ feel confident

↠ save money

In other words, start now and you’ll be happily putting yourself in all those photos with your children you post on Facebook.

Minimalist Closet

You'll Get

Workbook: 43 pretty pages of instructive and inspirational awesomeness

Webinar: hour long video webinar where I walk you through the program

Closet Tour: video tour of my closet

Bonus: kid's closet section to simplify your child's wardrobe too

Tribe: admission into the exclusive Sage Parenting Facebook Tribe for long term community support

for $75

I want to share an amazing class I have been working through for about 6 months! I'm sure it doesn't take most people this long, but for me it has been an emotional personal journey!!! I'm talking about Sage Parenting's Minimalist Wardrobe class Rachel Rainbolt created!!! I am loving this approach to my closet! She encourages a "uniform" style! I'm certain this class has taken me so long since I'm in a big life transition period. I no longer have babies and can wear white again ..... I'm in my 40's and redefining how I want to present myself to the world and what is actually comfortable. So many things have come up for me and I'm so grateful the class gave me a platform to get conscious!!! I love purging all the cloths, shoes and accessories that no longer serve me. I love going to my closet and putting minimal thought and energy into getting ready. If you are looking at making your wardrobe simple, easy and reflect you as a person- I highly recommend the class!! THANK YOU Rachel for taking the time to research and create such a beautiful class!!

Meghan Hebert Trainer