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SFP 6: Breastfeeding with Joy MacTavish

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Listen in iTunes | Listen in Stitcher Today I’m here with my friend Joy MacTavish talking about Breastfeeding on the natural path: on cue, at night, in public, and full term. Joy MacTavish, MA, IBCLC, RLC supports families with lactation, babywearing, and gentle parenting practices through her business, Sound Beginnings. She lives with her family in a multi-generational home in Shoreline, Washington where they enjoy reading, LEGO, exploring, and impromptu science experiments. Support the show on Patreon Adventure of the Week This week we played in an indoor playground, which is as a general rule I’m not a huge fan of, but it […]

Master Mealtime

Master Mealtime

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  You’re on a natural parenting path and you want to extend that wholesome, nutritive start that breastfeeding has provided. You are choosing what goes into your bodies with great intention, serving organic gluten-, sugar-, and artificial dye-free veg grown in a field grazed by unicorns (who fertilize the soil with rainbows) that is harvested by a circle of doula fairies singing “Imagine” (the Eva Cassidy version, of course). Or maybe not. But the parenting side of eating can often prove more challenging than we realize, as the weight of our own baggage around eating can prove heavy to bear. […]

Breastfeeding Myths Busted

Breastfeeding Myths Busted

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Most women don’t produce enough milk. The vast majority of women do produce just the right amount of milk for their babies, no supplementing required. However, it is a common fear among moms that their babies are not getting enough milk. Out of a desire to ensure the very best for our babies, we try to control and manage even natural processes that function best when not micromanaged. If your pediatrician is concerned about your baby’s slow weight gain, ensure that your doctor is referencing the World Heath Organization’s (WHO) Breastfeeding Infant’s Growth Chart (not the Centers for Disease Control […]

Natural Parenting

I’m Taking Back “Natural Parenting”

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  What do you picture when you hear “Natural Parenting”? When I hear the term “Natural Parenting,” I think of a parent invited over to share a meal saying, “Oh, we don’t eat any of those processed chemicals. Do you know know if this veg is a Monsanto crop? We’ll just eat our sea weed and GMO free almond butter.” Now, I’m actually all for natural fuel for our bodies (I can make fun of myself too), but Natural Parenting is a whole different thing for me. pieces Attitude I’m just going to start at the outer most level because […]

Book Review: Baby Poop

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Baby Poop is an informative guide to your child’s digestive world. As someone who works to help support new mamas with their babies, I thought this book would be a good resource for my clients with specific questions about their baby’s poop (which, let’s face it, is one of the few ways baby’s communicate with us about their health). As a mother to three little ones myself, this book was tremendously informative for me! One of my kids already highlighted the Jell-O recipe. The book is called Baby Poop but it is really a parent’s guide to their children’s (lifelong) digestive […]

International Day to Normalize Breastfeeding

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As a co-host I am adding my voice to the International Day to Normalize Breastfeeding! From the organizers: #idtNBF On 6/27/15, the Mayor of San Diego – Kevin Faulconer, will Proclaim the first International Day to Normalize Breastfeeding and our theme for this year is “Take the Pledge to #NormalizeBfing.” We are sharing this proclamation with major cities all around the world and need the support of all of the breastfeeding pages and groups here on Facebook! Vanessa Simmons has, personally, spent countless hours over the past year photographing, creating groups around the world, and blogging to support breastfeeding families. […]

Baby Gear for the Modern, Connected Mama

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Registering for your baby shower is an iconic rite of passage. Through this singular process you go from being a woman with a theoretical life growing inside you to the parent of a baby. It instantaneously takes you from the euphoric fantasy of a baby as an idea to the detailed realities of solely caring for a helpless human being. The scanner is placed in your hand, and the excitement turns to anxiety as you wander down aisles scanning adorable ruffles while secretly panicking. When it comes down to it, all that your baby really needs is you. The well-marketed […]

The Breast Season

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You’re all too willing to spend hours cuddled up nursing in the mornings, preparing for the drought of distraction the day brings. I sense that you feel it too, as the milk seems to taste that much more sweet to you, and these moments that much more precious. Like a small thorn in the bands of love that bind us, my bliss is pricked by the thought that this will end. Your small hand resting lovingly on my chest is no longer a passive receptacle for my loving touch. It now creeps across me with its own priorities that amuse […]

16 Responses to Nursing in Public Idiocy

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While discrimination against breastfeeding in public is completely without merit, there are a few ignorant arguments that have been repeated so often they warrant addressing. So let’s get a few things straight: 1. If you can expose your breasts in public, then can I expose my penis in public? Breasts are not sexual organs. Breasts are not part of the female reproductive system. Breasts are not comparable to a penis. Unless you’re ready to accept dildos as freely and openly in public as a bottle, don’t make this comparison. Exposing a vulva in public would be an appropriate comparison to exposing […]

Nursing in Public Discrimination

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My Journey Synopsis In a weekly, private meeting with our homeschool teacher through the Poway Unified School District (PUSD), I began breastfeeding my baby when the teacher told me that it was inappropriate. I educated her as to the law in CA, which states that a woman may breastfeed her baby anywhere she and her baby are allowed to be. I then received a phone call informing me that the official position the district would be taking is that because of my breastfeeding status, my 7 year old son would be excluded from the monthly group presentation class, and would […]

Booby Biter

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  The shockwave of pain that runs through your body is only matched by the paralyzing panic of frantically trying to remove this piranha from your nipple. Biting while breastfeeding can occur with or without teeth, but know that your baby’s entry into the world of chompers doesn’t have to mean chomping or weaning. Here’s the 411 on how to handle your booby biter as you handle all of your parenting challenges: with respect, compassion, and Sage Parenting19 know-how. If your baby is teething, the urge to bite down is powerful, so a firm “No biting” does not address the […]

Night Night Milkies

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Gentle Night Weaning Many breastfed toddlers reach a point when they figure out that during the day, they do not want to stop being active and having fun to breastfeed. Walking and eating new solid foods are novel skills they are just too excited about to take a break, be still, and nurse. They want to spend the whole day walking, playing, and chowing down on solid food. But they are not yet ready to wean; they still crave the nutrition from breastmilk and the bonding time from breastfeeding. Your toddler is so smart that they may realize that nighttime is […]