Legal Transition

Legal TRANSition

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Part of my role as a mother to a transkid is to help her navigate the transition: social (presenting as the gender of her identity) , medical (aligning her physical body with her gender identity), and/or legal (amending her legal documents to accurately identify her gender identity). The legal transition was something I assumed we had years to figure out but as trans adults began sharing stories of their amended passport applications being denied under Trump’s regime,  we turned our attention to conquering this mountain of bureaucratic minutia. “But she’s so young. What if she changes her mind?!” While I’ve already spoken […]

9 Transkid

SFP 9: Transkid with Rachel Gonzales

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Listen in iTunes | Listen in Stitcher Today I’m here with my friend Rachel Gonzales talking about raising a transgender child. Equality Texas Education and Resource Coordinator Rachel Gonzales has testified several times at the Texas Capitol, spoken at rallies and protests, and has maintained a local to national media presence in the fight for equality for transgender Texans. As the mother of a transgender child, equality for LGBTQ youth is her passion. She is delighted to be able to combine her passion with her background in cultural applied anthropology to advocate for the equal treatment of LGBTQ youth, providing […]

Puberty Blocker

Puberty Blocker

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While the transition for a preadolescent transgender child is social, often entailing a pronoun, wardrobe, and/or name change, and sometimes legal, entailing a gender marker and/or name change on government documents, adolescence can include a medical transition. The outwardly gender-neutral body of childhood may begin to betray who a transgender teen knows themselves to be in heart and mind. For these kids – for my kid – there is help. When a child enters the Tanner 2 stage of puberty, diagnosed with a hand x-ray and blood test, they can receive a puberty blocker, which can be delivered in a […]


I Stumble

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I live my life frolicking through the light of the forest with my family. Recently, I tripped over a root that has always been there, beautifully unique and essentially strong, but grew higher above ground this season, calling us to shift and reorient the way we experience the forest. This happens from time to time when you live a life that is brave and raw, perhaps even more so than running on the crowded asphalt, blindly following the footsteps before you and ignorant to the wildness hidden below your feet. But I’ve been struggling to regain my balance. All my […]


Transgender: Son to Daughter

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After 12 years of living in joyful connection with our gender creative firstborn child, Sky has transitioned to female expression and pronouns (she/her). This means she is transgender. She is the same beautiful, kind, clever, fun, and happy kid who we continue to love, accept, and support. We will be honoring this diversity and affirming her gender identity as we move into this new season of adolescence. If you would like to better understand our story, you are welcome to follow along as I share my sometimes-messy journey walking this path in love. I invite you to learn more about […]