My 6 Favorite Instagram Apps

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contains affiliate links   At the end of each fun day as we settle in bed preparing for book reading, I scroll through my photos from the day on my iPhone 7S, deleting, favoriting, and editing. This process has become a conversation with my children as they see the pictures and we discuss our favorite parts of the day, consolidating memories before sleep. Instagram provides a window into my life for others to see how gentle parenting, unschooling, and family travel bring us a life of joy, connection, and freedom. (Click here to follow me!) It also allows me to […]

Mompreneur Business Tools

My 5 Favorite Mompreneur Business Tools

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contains affiliate links My mission is all about helping families get connected, free, and joyful and one piece to that is supporting women in following their passions, serving others and the world, and earning an income. Motherhood is a passion-filled and valuable contribution on it’s own but if you feel called to layer in more, I support that too. I actually have a fiery passion for breaking down the “family” – “work” boundaries (for both women and men) and living a family integrated life in a family-integrated society. Children benefit. Parents benefit. Society benefits. But when blazing a new trail, there […]

Do It All

How this Attachment Parenting, Homeschooling, Mompreneur Does It All

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  I don’t. Priorities Let’s start right there. I don’t do it all. No one does it all and I wouldn’t want to. Remember my post about Finding the Quality YES? I talked about how saying yes to one thing is actually saying no to a million other things. I’m sitting on my deck writing this for you while I watch my kids run around and play in the grass. I’m not an archeologist on a dig in Tanzania right now. I don’t want it all. I want to invest myself in the few consciously chosen intentions that we have designed […]

Big Magic

Book Review: Big Magic

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  Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert knocked my socks off. “Creative” is not a word I ever claimed for myself. I was no artist. When my husband saw this book sitting on the kitchen island he remarked, “Why are you reading a book about creative living?” Now, this man is over the moon supportive and loving and sports a permanent pair of rose colored glasses while glancing in my direction (it’s mutual) and he was only honestly responding from a place of knowing how I saw myself and where I fell in the creative community (not). Plus, he’s the […]