Mental Load

Lighten the Mental Load

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You know that thing, where a phone is running hot and the battery is draining quickly, and they tell you to close the hundred programs you didn’t realize were always running in the background? That’s my brain. Except I can’t close the programs or my children die homeless, naked, and hungry. That phenomenon is known as the mental load. It’s the invisible work that makes up the position of Family CEO, because it entails all the management of being a CEO, without any of the pay or recognition. This is also the only CEO position filled almost exclusively by women. […]


Sage Family Podcast 17: Socialization

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Listen in iTunes | Listen in Stitcher This is episode 17 and today I’m here with my friend Israel Butson talking about socialization – the most common question we all get as homeschoolers. Israel is an unschooling dad on a mission to disrupt education and help build a fresh paradigm for a new generation of young learners. Writing and dabbling with his camera daily, you can catch him on his blog Stark Raving Dad, and follow him on Facebookand Instagram. Originally from New Zealand, he now lives with his wife and three children on the Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne. Support […]


Sage Family Podcast 15: Screens

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Listen in iTunes | Listen in Stitcher This is episode 15 and today I’m here with my friend Leah McDermott talking about screens. Leahis a former Master Educator and now unschooling mama of two who has made it her mission to help bring more natural elements to children’s everyday learning experiences through her business Your Natural Learner. Support the show on Patreon Adventure of the Week We took a birthday trip to a farm on Orca’s Island it was breathtakingly beautiful. Highlights Misconceptions: What’s up with all the fear and shame? We break a lot of misconceptions down. Valuable Tool: […]

14 Minimalism

Sage Family Podcast 14: Minimalism

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Listen in iTunes | Listen in Stitcher This is episode 14 and today I’m here with Denaye Barahona Ph.D. talking about minimalism. Denaye is the voice behind Simple Families–a blog, podcast, and community that helps mothers thrive through simple living. She lives in New York with her husband and two children. Support the show on Patreon Adventure of the Week I share the magical forest theater where we hiked and saw Peter Pan with our friends. Highlights Minimalism: We share what minimalism really is and what it looks like for us. Parenting: I talk about how minimalism is a strong strand that is woven throughout […]

Simplifying the Sentimental

Simplifying the Sentimental

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I finally met my match on this minimalism journey: sentimental keepsakes. There’s a reason Marie Kondo saves this category for last. The hard part wasn’t letting go of things (which was easy) or even making the decisions of what to keep and what to release (which came quickly). The process of reliving the memories attached to every single object was psychologically exhausting. But here I stand (er, sit wrapped in a pastel rainbow afghan my mom made) on the other side victorious: 15 boxes pared down to 5, lighter and freer of the physical and emotional baggage. It all started with 1 storage closet […]

13 Values

Sage Family Podcast 13: Values

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Listen in iTunes | Listen in Stitcher This is episode 13 and today I’m here with my friend Becca Shern talking about values. Bex is a mom, partner, Registered Dietitian, and creator of Minimal Wellness. Through minimalist principles she helps her family and clients find, navigate, and enjoy the simple path to optimal health. Support the show on Patreon Adventure of the Week I share the breathtakingly beautiful lake we jumped into when we veered off course and embraced nature’s playground and history. Highlights Inherited Values: We talk about the work of unpacking the values you unconsciously inherited values from […]


Sage Family Podcast 11: Nature

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Listen in iTunes | Listen in Stitcher Today I’m here with my friend Nicolette Sowder talking about nature. Nicolette is a nature-connected educator and founder of Wilder Child and Wildschooling. Her passion is to serve as companion and guide for those families, educators and care givers interested in nurturing and growing their relationship with nature. She is also the creator of The Kids Moon Club, a year-long lunar journey designed to guide and encourage families to sync up with moon time. Most days you can find her being led through her farm and forest by her two wildlings. Support the show on […]


Sage Family Podcast 10: Beauty

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Listen in iTunes | Listen in Stitcher Today I’m here with my friend Deena Barselah talking about beauty. Deena is an Integrative Health Coach and Educator, a wife, a mom to three-year-old Zeke, and lives in Encinitas, CA.  Deena has overcome several chronic health struggles of her own and leans on simple, natural, and time-tested methods to care for herself and her family. Support the show on Patreon Adventure of the Week This week I talk about a few adventures including indoor skydiving, the living computer museum, and a weekend trip that included a tulip farm, friendship, and a surprise […]

Morning Routine

My Morning Routine

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My morning routine is essential in setting the tone for my day. It’s something that I design with the greatest of intention and refresh seasonally while collaborating with the kids around their bucket system (it’s essentially the morning clothespins on my bucket, though I don’t use a physical bucket). If you have done Sage Coaching, you know we start by identifying our values, creating our priorities, determining our needs, and then hold space for those in our daily rhythm. This is a powerful dose of self-care to help you be your best all day long (and your needs can co-exist […]

Master Bedroom

The Lighthouse: Master Bedroom and Closet

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contains affiliate links My husband and I have lived together in 10 places before this, our first home that has been ours. Even factoring in the dorm room, I think this is the smallest bedroom we’ve lived in. I mean, cozy . . . real cozy. This information is not presened as a complaint; we love our home, but as context. When living in a small space, it’s even more essential to lean into simple living: inviting things into the space with great intention and releasing the clutter. It also feels even more essential to design the space with great […]


Sage Family Podcast 5: Adventure

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Listen in iTunes | Listen in Stitcher Today I’m here with my friend Robyn Robertson talking about adventure. “I call myself an unschooling mom, but I’m really a curious student of life. I’ve learned so much about myself and the world through my travels that I wanted to share that with my kids. 5 ½ years ago we decided to make a change and follow our dream of travelling with our kids (or at least try). It was the experiences of life and travel that changed our idea of learning. I started to let go and allowed their natural curiosity […]


Minimalist Mama Purse

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contains affiliate links My purse might be my favorite point of minimalism. I feel so light and free and life feels so much simpler and easier when the gear I’m carrying on my journey is intentionally cultivated. When you think about it, it’s probably the most important step in simplifying your life because you are literally weighed down by it’s contents. So I’m going to share a snapshot of the gear I carry on my family life of adventure as an entrepreneur, including my purse, backpack, and first aid bag. Purse First, let’s start with the purse itself. I have […]


The first step to your best year

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Show me your schedule and your bank statement and I’ll show you your priorities and values. A fresh start to a whole new year is the perfect time to do a little soul searching to set your values and sit down as a family to define your priorities. This is the first step in Sage Homeschool Coaching for a reason – this is our compass and you must set it with intention. In the mainstream, schedules are packed full and the pace of life is rushed until priorities and freedom are lost under the avalanche of busyness. But productivity does […]

Gift Giving

Gift Giving for a Connection and Experience Rich Family Life of Minimalism

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  Gift giving as a minimalist may at first feel tricky but extending your family values of connection, experience, and simple living into holidays and birthdays can be done with ease and joy. Tap into these 3 favorite techniques of mine and you will be a gift giving master in no time. 1 Gift List Sometimes minimalism and marriage looks like clearly communicating what you really want. Throughout the year, if there is some fun yet nonessential thing, service, or experience that I believe would add joy to my life, I email my husband with a link and details with […]

Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalism in Mama’s Bathroom

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There is one corner of a woman’s home that tends to be a nightmare of high maintenance overspending and clutter: the bathroom. The beauty industry spends billions of dollars to convince you that your natural self is unacceptable and you need to buy X, Y, and Z to hide and fix your way to social presentability and desirability. Don’t buy into it (both figuratively and literally). Your natural self is perfect and beautiful – a canvas that tells the honest story of your journey. You are enough, exactly as you are today – every wrinkle, freckle, curve, and scar of […]

Simple Family Holiday

10 Steps to a Simple, Wonderful Family Holiday

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Does how you spend your time and money reflect your values? This is an important question year-round but especially around the holidays when there’s such a slippery slope into the mainstream culture of “more.” We may not have been raised in a way that we have inherited seasonal traditions that align with our values but we get to write our own story as a family, weaving the fabric of our unique family culture. I can help you with that process, shifting your holidays with these 10 steps. 1 Experience Experiences enrich your life in ways that things never could. Point […]


Minimalist Mama Record Keeping

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contains affiliate links If you’ve been following along here then you know minimalism is something I have come to embrace (Did you jump on board the Minimalist Wardrobe for Earth Mamas?) and life feels so free and light. Every object in your home has an energy that you (and your children) react to. Each thing in your possession adds a weight to your shoulders. So let’s get free from another area that tends to sneakily drain our energy: record keeping. Invitation The first step is going to be to clear an entire weekend to pull out every single piece of paper […]


5 Reasons You Need to Simplify Your Wardrobe

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  1. Identity Who do you choose to be? As mothers we are reborn with the birth of each child and coming out of those early years of motherhood our identities are often like puzzle pieces on the floor. Consciously cultivating your wardrobe can be a means to paint the new picture of who you are and what life you want to live. 2. Body Image Do you have love and reference for your body? The path to motherhood includes expanding beyond what we ever thought possible, in every sense. For most of us, that includes pregnancy and breastfeeding, and […]


Book Review: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

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  contains affiliate links Many of you will be surprised to hear that the first phase of Sage Sleep, Parenting, or Homeschool Coaching is always what I call Sleepscape or Playscape Design, which means pruning, purging, organizing, and inviting with the greatest of intention. There is a direct connection between the state of your home and your and your child’s internal state. Every object, color, texture, sight, smell, and sound has an energy that your child reacts to. If you’re wanting to shift the emotional mood and family dynamic, your home environment is where the work begins. As I had begun work […]

Book Review: Home Grown

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This man’s writing is so beautiful. In Home Grown: Adventures in Parenting off the Beaten Path, Unschooling, and Reconnecting with the Natural World, Ben Hewitt speaks a language of warm, quiet vulnerability that somehow bypasses the busy noise of my brain to reach my soul. I don’t read each chapter; I sink into it. This man is so humbly wise, in all the ways that really matter. The book is all about his farm life, though it’s not a how-to manual. As someone with a no getting out of bed before 10 ideal and not 1 intangible molecule of spiritual, mental, or physical energy that […]