SFP 12: Sleep with Melissa Lang Lytle

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Listen in iTunes | Listen in Stitcher Today I’m here with my friend Melissa Lang Lytle talking about sleep. I would consider myself to be a bit of a late bloomer and care deeply about finding ways to be more connected to both the physical and spiritual world. I’m a mama of three children and married to my best friend for almost 18 years! I gravitate towards people and ideas that cultivate authenticity, vulnerability, and groundedness. Support the show on Patreon Adventure of the Week I share the fun we had on my mom’s visit when we went to an […]

Natural Parenting

I’m Taking Back “Natural Parenting”

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  What do you picture when you hear “Natural Parenting”? When I hear the term “Natural Parenting,” I think of a parent invited over to share a meal saying, “Oh, we don’t eat any of those processed chemicals. Do you know know if this veg is a Monsanto crop? We’ll just eat our sea weed and GMO free almond butter.” Now, I’m actually all for natural fuel for our bodies (I can make fun of myself too), but Natural Parenting is a whole different thing for me. pieces Attitude I’m just going to start at the outer most level because […]

Sage Sleep Revolution

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After spending over 7 years guiding over 800 families to peaceful nights, I have found there to be a few principles that universally help families achieve rest, connection, and independence. While working directly with these families through Sage Sleep coaching allows me to provide a personalized plan for each individual family’s needs, I needed a way to get those universal principles out to more families. There is a path that can bring so much peace and harmony that most families just can’t see. I’ve seen the results first hand hundreds of times – better sleep for babies and their people. The Sage […]

The Secret to Baby Sleep is Sensory

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  Taking a sensory approach to the sleep environment is a secret of mine that yields tremendous results in all the sleep coaching I do with no discomfort, tears, or disconnection (part of the Sage Sleep secret sauce, if you will). When setting up your child’s sleepscape, think about that environment through a sensory lens, considering all 5 senses. Sight Nightlight Not all little ones need a nightlight but the natural fear of our nocturnal predators makes bringing one into the space wise. Orange/red/yellow hues trigger sleepiness while white/blue hues trigger awakening. An on button that your little one can master at a young age […]

Cage-Free Baby

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Let’s raise our children with at least as much respect as we want for the chickens we eat: cage-free. A crib-less nightlife is safe and yields more sleep and independence. Join me for a sleep arrangement tour that is Montessori and Attachment Parenting based. Why should we banish baby jail? Respect: You shouldn’t do anything to your baby you wouldn’t want done to you. Would you want to be jailed all alone in an empty cage? Mama Sleep: If you have to get up to meet your baby’s needs you will have less restful nights. Child Sleep: Infants sleep best […]

Sleep Trainer Translator

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So often the verbiage used in the world of sleep training is confusing and misleading to tired parents just trying to do right by their babies. So I have created here for you a Sleep Trainer Translator, to take the phrases often prescribed to new parents by sleep trainers and turn them into accurate and accessible translations. But be warned, this translator is dripping with snark and will likely offend, so saddle up your defensiveness and wrangle your face of righteous indignation. Teach your baby to self-soothe. Do not respond to Baby so that he stops communicating his needs. Note: Babies […]

Put Cry-It-Out to Bed

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 Sleep Training: Sleep is not learned. There are a lot of sleep trainers out there who will begin by espousing the importance of sleep for your baby’s health and then explain that it is your responsibility to teach (force) them to sleep. Sleep is not a learned behavior. A learned behavior is something we are not born knowing how to do. Babies know how to sleep just fine. Sleeping like an adult is learned—over the course of an entire childhood as the needs of your baby’s brain and body mature. Babies are capable of and content with doing the things evolution […]


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Respectful Rest I stay close, knowing that based on his natural rhythm, we could be nearing a period of dormancy. He slows down. He lingers closer. Then he takes my hand and politely asks, “Mommy, sit couch, mup (mommy milk)?” We snuggle down. He nurses and leaves the conscious world swirling around him for the secure and peaceful rest of a nap. And now I get to pull over my laptop, while my Squishy cuddles next to me, and write this piece on naps, which have to be one of the most grossly misunderstood and over-controlled aspects of parenting. I […]

Night Night Milkies

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Gentle Night Weaning Many breastfed toddlers reach a point when they figure out that during the day, they do not want to stop being active and having fun to breastfeed. Walking and eating new solid foods are novel skills they are just too excited about to take a break, be still, and nurse. They want to spend the whole day walking, playing, and chowing down on solid food. But they are not yet ready to wean; they still crave the nutrition from breastmilk and the bonding time from breastfeeding. Your toddler is so smart that they may realize that nighttime is […]