5 Reasons You Need to Simplify Your Wardrobe

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1. Identity Who do you choose to be? As mothers we are reborn with the birth of each child and coming out of those early years of motherhood our identities are often like puzzle pieces on the floor. Consciously cultivating your wardrobe can be a means to paint the new picture of who you are and what life you want to live. 2. Body Image Do you have love and reference for your body? The path to motherhood includes expanding beyond what we ever thought possible, in every sense. For most of us, that includes pregnancy and breastfeeding, and we […]

The Sage Parenting Birth Story

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Up at 3:00 a.m. with my 1-month-old firstborn baby, I found myself . . . drowning. I was completely exhausted with no sleep and a parasite (albeit a cute parasite) whose days and nights were breastfeeding marathons with intermittent breaks to cry and spit up, only to work up an appetite and make room for more milk. It was in this moment, reaching my breaking point, when I realized that the tornado ripping me apart that night was not coming from my baby, but from inside of me. A whirlwind of “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” left me chipped away to nothing. […]