HACkschool: La Jolla Cave & Cove

Perfect weather + gorgeous place + exciting exploration + good friends = great HACkschool. Nature is the most magnificent playground and the most perfectly designed classroom.

Today we went to La Jolla and hiked up the hill to the Cave Store.


Into the man made tunnel we go to access the sea cave. Looks safe enough, right? The dripping walls and calcified staircase made for an especially nice ambiance. Adventure beckons!


So cool inside, though hard to photograph. They counted crabs living on the rocks and we talked about the sea taking bites out of the cliffs to form caves and cause rock slides.


Bay and I think the cave entrance looks like Peter Pan with a beard.


Sky’s turn. West wasn’t tall enough to clear the railing. 🙁


We saw mineral pools of calcium formed from the water leaching through the rocks.


Up we go. Of course, West wanted company walking the stairs twice, so that was 580 steps for me. :/ Who needs a gym membership when you spend your days adventuring with your boys?


The kids ran out onto the cliffs. Because, you know, my legs were craving more stairs … but the view was worth it.


Bigs and littles … sigh.


Down to the cove! Via, you guessed it, more stairs (hee hee). Exploration beckons!


We made some new friends. You don’t need Sea World to foster a connection to sea life in your children. We tried to respect his space in his home but this little one kept rolling and scooting closer.




I literally almost sat on these sun bathers. Darn camouflage – sorry guys!


Tide pools in sea caves: fish, crabs, limpets, algae, and more. A whole foreign ecosystem before you to explore.


One of the mamas on our adventure today is an oceanography professor so she was my personal fact checker as I answered my kids questions and pointed out cool things in the environment (Do you know how to tell the difference between a sea lion and a seal? My kids now do ;). The collective wisdom of a group of wise women sure is wonderful to get to tap into.


Jumping, climbing, leaping, splashing, looking, learning, playing.


Meditation to the rhythm of the huge El Nino waves.


The perfect way to end an adventure: wet, dirty, and pantless.


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