HACkschool: Los Penasquitos Canyon

This is Homeschool Adventure Club, or HACkschool, where awesome homeschoolers learn through living a radical life! We get together twice a month for a fun, educational adventure! It is one component of our homeschool life along with things like curricula, enrichment classes, extra curriculars, and book club. I’m sharing my HACkschool program with you in the hopes that it inspires families out there to dive into the world as their child’s classroom.
Los Penasquitos
Our first adventure was at Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve. We began the day with a docent-led tour of the historic Ranch House (Full disclosure: our docent no-showed! We rolled with it and moved on to phase 2 – a good opportunity to role model handling life when it doesn’t unfold according to plan). We then enjoyed a 2.35 mile bike ride (littles in bike trailers or back pouches) over nature trails and through historic landmarks to a waterfall where we played, explored, and enjoyed a picnic lunch, followed by a 2.35 mile bike ride back to the Ranch House. Our minds, bodies, and spirits were all exercised.

Since this is the first post in the HACkschool series, I will give you some tips on starting your own Homeschool Adventure Club.

  1. Make a list of fun, educational adventures in your area (think nature, museums, programs, businesses, etc. – the world is full of rich learning experiences for children that are fun for the whole family).
  2. Gather the email addresses of awesome homeschoolers in your area.
  3. Send out an email, subject line “You’re Invited to HACkschool!,” in which you explain what it is and how it’s going to work.
  4. Send out an email, subject line “HACkschool Adventures,” in which you list each adventure and it’s details, including date, time, price (be sure to plan adventures at a variety of price points), description, considerations (like age limits), and homeschool prep (like reading a related book in advance). Instruct families to reply with a list of the adventures they are committing to attending with a deadline.
  5. Send each family a Personalized HACkschool Itinerary, which is a list of the adventures to which they have RSVP’d and a total cost for all of their chosen adventures. Instruct families to mail you a check with a deadline.
  6. Make 2 lists for yourself: 1 of each family with their adventures and tuition total (to help you interface with families) and 1 of each adventure with the families and total number of children and adults (to help you interface with locations).
  7. Make an envelope for each paid adventure containing the money for that day and simply bring the envelope with you the day of or send it in advance if required to book the adventure.
  8. Have a blast!

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