HACkschool: Rendezvous

This adventure was put on at the train park by the city. People live in the park as pioneers for several days and we got to come in and learn all about the way people lived.

This guy hunted and traded the skins.


They spent a lot of time in the saloon. Should we be worried?


This game was a big hit with all the ages. My kids insist we use 2 drum sticks and a embroidery hoop so we can play it in our backyard.

About this time, after we had spent probably a solid hour in this corner, a line of school children were marched through us while the teacher yelled, “Walk with purpose!” A rush of gratitude for the freedom my children enjoy ran through me as I watched them dive deep into a few things of interest.


The sheriff said he got the job because he was educated all the way up to 6th grade.


This border renegade taught the kids how to make rope, which they got to keep.

IMG_5229Since we let the kids lead our afternoon, we never made it to the museum, butter churning, or quilt making but we took a few trips on the train and scurried up several tree groves.


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