HACkschool: Ropes Course

One of our favorite HACkschool adventures this wave ended up being the ropes course. We were harnessed in, introduced to all of the equipment, and set free in the tree tops to scale, scurry, climb, leap, reach, stretch, and zip. It required coordination with your mind, body, and friends. It was an especially valuable experience in accessing your rational brain, getting in touch with your bravery, and overcoming your fear. Everyone is encouraging you, but you have to make that leap on your own two feet.


Bay (7 year old) Review: “It’s awesome and everybody in the universe should do it. I liked that it was really tricky and hard for your brain to figure out what to have your body do. It’s really a nervous feeling when you first start out. It could be better if you had to jump a lot more.


Sky (10 year old) Review: “It’s exhausting and by the end you want to pass out but it’s a very fun experience and it’s super awesome riding on the zip lines and jumping through the trees. You get scared when you first start trying it but in the end, you feel safe.

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