HACkschool: Whale Watching

The adventure this time was on the sea in search of cetaceans. We took a 3 hour whale watching cruise and got to observe 2 gray whales and a pod of common dolphins (and a shark) in their natural habitat (vastly more educational than seeing captured dolphins or whales in a small concrete tank – I’m talking to you Sea World). These first couple photos were snapped by San Diego Whale Watch on our cruise, as they are far more skilled at capturing these moments than I (while I wrangle my 3 squirrely boys on a boat deck)


We learned from the naturalist guide that whales are mammals who surface and breathe air from their blow holes (the spout of the gray whale is in a V or heart shape). They migrate south for the winter to enjoy warmer waters and have baleen teeth for scooping small fish. They breech (jump out of the water and splash) for reasons scientist don’t quite understand but one theory is to scratch an itch.


The common dolphin races through the water with mothers and babies swimming close together (We even got to see some pairs!), sometimes in mega pods of up to a thousand. The dolphins were racing all around the boat and enjoying the fun of our wake.


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