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Sage Homeschool Coaching


You’ve decided to step off the mainstream path of schooling and into a lifestyle of learning in connection. You might be feeling a mix of excitement, hope, fear, and confusion. I can guide you through this transition, into peace and confidence in collaboration with your child as you walk a natural learning journey.

We will cover:

  • Legal: Forms or enrollment
  • Playscape: Materials and curriculum
  • Flow: Touchstones for daily through yearly routine
  • Experiences: Individual and family
  • The Bucket System
  • Pressure: Handling input from those around you

I’ll decipher the homeschooling code for you so you become fluent in the culture speak with terms like unschooling, hackschooling, travelschooling, life learning, homeschool curriculum, homeschool co-op, homeschool charter, homeschool work sample, and all the rest that are presently leaving you feeling confused.

Instead of investing in all those devices of disconnection and forced instruction, invest in a path of connection and a natural love of learning – put your money where your heart is. Sage Homeschool Coaching is coaching for the connected, homeschooling/life learning family.

“I appreciated having a compassionate, competent professional, who is also a mother and homeschooler, to connect with when I had struggles or questions.  The bucket suggestion was very helpful too. I feel more confident in our choice to homeschool our son and less stressed about his reading.”

-Kate, Sage Mama to Kinsey


For only $400 for one month, you can be coached through your parenting challenges from anywhere in the world, at any time, without ever leaving your home. I will guide you with a personalized plan rooted in connection that unfolds as an easy conversation with a trusted guide to support you as you shift.

  • 15 minute phone call
  • 1 month of email coaching
  • personalized guide
  • rapid response time
  • Facebook group membership

In Home

In home coaching is a perfect option for any Seattle-Tacoma families. For only $800, I will come into your home for up to 2 hours, get to know your family, show you a new path, and then create a personalized guide to get you from where you are, to where you want to be, plus 2 weeks of follow up email support. Only $200 for each additional hour or session.

  • 1-2 hour coaching session
  • personalized guide
  • 2 weeks of email coaching
  • Facebook group membership

Availability: Only 10 coaching slots available each month, including one flex fee slot (What fee is within your reach this month? Reach out and let’s talk.).

Two questions and we’re underway: Where are you now? Where do you want to be?
I’m Ready


“It’s OK to be who we are! Rachel raised questions that I had to dig deep to find the real answer to. Without too much psycho-babble, she made it more clear why I was reacting to my kids’ behavior in negative ways. Instead of trying to conform them, and our family, to something more “acceptable” (especially in the small, rural, southern town where we currently live), I’ve RETURNED to embracing them, myself, and our family for who we are! This led us to making a decision to move on to a completely different geographical location (and even a different country!) that holds more opportunity for our wild and free family.

We implemented Rachel’s bucket system. My kids (especially the 11 and 14 year old) have been pushing hard for more autonomy—and I’m already considered a fairly “free range parent” in the small community where we live! All three of my kids were immediately intrigued that they could finish all of their tasks in any order and at any time that they wanted, as long as they were complete by dinner. I know already that this isn’t just a system or a temporary fix, but a way of life that works for all ages. I think too, that this has resulted in an openness in dialogue among us, because they also had input as to what their tasks should be. Just this morning, the kids requested a “parlay” about a somewhat controversial adventure they had planned. They were willing to give a little, and I was willing to give a little, and we arrived at a plan that pleased us all.

Our home environment can greatly hinder or greatly enrich our capacity to learn, rest, communicate, and interact with each other. I consider myself fairly minimalist in decor and clothing, but I’ve learned that this can be extended to activities, games, and even books. We’ve pared down the areas where learning and playing occurs, and I (especially) have found it easier to focus. The kids aren’t bouncing from one thing to another, and we’re spending UNHURRIED time together, playing board games, doing simple art projects (like zentangle or felting), and reading aloud.

I’ve internalized a lot of what I’ve learned and will be back for guidance as the need arises, for sure! THANK YOU.”

Jenn Cawood