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with a Personalized Plan to Homeschool Your Child In The Next 30 Days

Sage Homeschool Coaching

Have you ever said to yourself . . .

"I cannot pretend school is best for my kid anymore. But I don't want to be a teacher and he's so social. What are we going to do?"

"Another school year and another round of fighting. Ugh, I'm so confused and tired of feeling like a warden."

"What do they need to learn and how can they learn it without being miserable?"

"Are PBS Kids or Pinterest crafts a valid curriculum? I'm probably ruining all our lives."

Few things will impact a child as much as the path you choose for their education. For those of us opting out of the mainstream school system, we can feel overwhelmed, confused, and alone. 

I know I did when we chose to leave the school system and dive head first into the world of homeschooling. I began by force-feeding a school-at-home model out of some misguided sense of obligation. My kiddo was sat at a desk with a pile of curriculum and a schedule I was to enforce (face palm). He was much happier and freer than in school (and learning more), but as he and I kept pulling one block of assumptions after another, the structure (and our understanding of the entire concept of learning) began to topple (scary yet exciting). I pulled from all my years spent in higher education learning about how the minds of children worked, my many years of experience working with children and families, keenly observed my own 3 children and their natural fire of curiosity, and devoured stacks of books and studies on the topic.

What evolved was a lifestyle of learning that unleashed joy, connection, and freedom the likes of which made my inner child weep with jealousy and my mama heart soar with pride. When we peeled back all the educational oppression, we found the wellspring of natural learning. It turns out, a child's mind is designed to learn. We have to get out of our own way and instead of trying to mold, fill, or fix our children, shift the environment and experiences around them to be saturated with enrichment.

And surprise, it turns out that is also the key to a lifestyle that fills us with fulfillment. Because this isn't something we do to our children. It's something we do with them.

"What if we could all wake up excited for the day together?"

"I just want my kids to love learning and get what they need to be successful."

"What if we could be that family running through the forest with muddy bare feet and a magnifying glass or reading aloud around the table for tea time?"

"OMG - our lives would be so great if I could just figure this homeschooling thing out!"

We'll Cover

1. Legal

We'll begin by setting you up to meet the legal requirements for homeschooling in your state (forms, testing, work samples, enrollment, etc.). 

2. Materials

We'll then focus on the home learning environment, including materials, curriculum, and invitations.

3. Flow

Next we'll build in touchstones for a daily through yearly rhythm. 

4. Experiences

After that, I'll walk you through micro-adventure planning through collaboration, incorporating socialization.

5. Handling Pressure

Then we'll cover handling input and pressure (from others and your own inner critic).

6. Bucket System

Lastly, I'll walk you through setting up the Bucket System to provide the necessary soft structure and I'll continue to support you as you implement and we adjust.

The Benefits

In one month, through an evidence-based approach that incorporates natural and experiential learning, you will:

↠ better understand your child's needs, learning style, and interests

↠ have a clear plan of action

↠ witness learning that is self-directed, experiential, project-based, meaningful, and lasting

↠ enhance your connection with your child

↠ align your lifestyle with your values

↠ be on a long-term path of success

↠ gain confidence as a mother 

In other words, start now and you’ll be Instagramming your adventures with your wildlings by next month.


You'll Get

You'll be coached through your homeschooling challenges from anywhere in the world, without ever leaving your home (quietly sitting children not required). I will hold space for your struggles and guide you forward with a personalized plan, rooted in natural learning, that unfolds as an easy conversation with a trusted mentor, to support you as you shift, via Skype and email.

1 month of coaching

4 weekly 45 minute Skype sessions

a personalized guide

email support

exclusive Facebook group membership

for $799

*Next available month: January

*Only 5 spots available each month

 "Rachel has helped our family with clarity of thinking and action when we were at a crossroads with our homeschooling journey. In our email coaching, her questions were insightful, she really "listened" to the answers, and she guided us through productive ways to deal with interpersonal struggles, sleep arrangements, learning opportunities, and schedule rhythms that are balanced and stimulating but with plenty of down time to process it all and follow our individual paths. On top of that, she is kind, encouraging, and has a great sense of humor. She holds parenting in a solemn light--but not an overly serious one! I highly recommend her resources."

Kimberly Robb Baker

“It’s OK to be who we are! Rachel raised questions that I had to dig deep to find the real answer to. Without too much psycho-babble, she made it more clear why I was reacting to my kids’ behavior in negative ways. Instead of trying to conform them, and our family, to something more “acceptable” (especially in the small, rural, southern town where we currently live), I’ve RETURNED to embracing them, myself, and our family for who we are! This led us to making a decision to move on to a completely different geographical location (and even a different country!) that holds more opportunity for our wild and free family.

We implemented Rachel’s bucket system. My kids (especially the 11 and 14 year old) have been pushing hard for more autonomy—and I’m already considered a fairly “free range parent” in the small community where we live! All three of my kids were immediately intrigued that they could finish all of their tasks in any order and at any time that they wanted, as long as they were complete by dinner. I know already that this isn’t just a system or a temporary fix, but a way of life that works for all ages. I think too, that this has resulted in an openness in dialogue among us, because they also had input as to what their tasks should be. Just this morning, the kids requested a “parlay” about a somewhat controversial adventure they had planned. They were willing to give a little, and I was willing to give a little, and we arrived at a plan that pleased us all.

Our home environment can greatly hinder or greatly enrich our capacity to learn, rest, communicate, and interact with each other. I consider myself fairly minimalist in decor and clothing, but I’ve learned that this can be extended to activities, games, and even books. We’ve pared down the areas where learning and playing occurs, and I (especially) have found it easier to focus. The kids aren’t bouncing from one thing to another, and we’re spending UNHURRIED time together, playing board games, doing simple art projects (like zentangle or felting), and reading aloud.

I’ve internalized a lot of what I’ve learned and will be back for guidance as the need arises, for sure! THANK YOU.”

Jenn Cawood
"The greatest benefit of Sage Coaching was having someone to express fears and concerns with, and be given prompt and thoughtful feedback. She showed me that it's possible to set boundaries and limits with my son without being overly controlling. I've started using a calander for the first time in 28 years, which has helped me plan ahead. I feel like we're just getting started on our journey, but I have a clearer picture I've about what unschooling could look like for us. Sometimes it's hard to reach out for help, but I'm so glad I did. As a single mom, just having someone to talk to about parenting was huge for me. Someone non judgemental that truly wants the best possible relationship for my son and I, who is full of practical ideas and solutions. I'm so grateful."
Mikellah Kimbrough

“I appreciated having a compassionate, competent professional, who is also a mother and homeschooler, to connect with when I had struggles or questions.  The bucket suggestion was very helpful too. I feel more confident in our choice to homeschool our son and less stressed about his reading.”

Kate Naumes