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Sage Minimalism Coaching

Have you ever said to yourself . . .

"There's not enough space, not enough time, not enough money, not enough patience . . . I'm so stressed out!"

"I'm so tired of feeling overwhelmed by my home, my calendar, my people, and my bank account. How can I be present when half the time I just want to run away?!"

"Minimalism looks dreamy, but I'm not a single, white, tech bro. How can minimalism work in a full house with a vibrant family?

Family life seems to bring with it a mass of obligations (to have, do, and be all the things) that can leave us feeling so much anxiety.

I know I did after spending the first several years of parenting trying to acquire all the things from decor to toys to classes. The problem was, the more I acquired, the more cluttered and stressed my life became. In my zealousness to prove my worthiness to everyone else, I had lost sight of a fundamental truth I had already known deep down: to say yes to what really matters, you have to say no to everything that doesn't. So I worked to hone my values and step fully into alignment with them—in my home and my relationships, with my time and my money. I leaned in and let go. As I leaned into what mattered, my fulfillment and peace grew. As I let go of what didn't, my stress and overwhelm shrank. Turns out holding figurative space for your priorities requires creating literal space in your home, calendar, relationships, and bank accounts.

Through my work with thousands of families, I had witnessed the power of simplifying a child's life—it makes a world of difference to their well being (and the behavioral symptoms that communicate their unmet needs). So I began to extend minimalism more explicitly into my work and the results have been nothing short of awe-inspiring: the frazzled mom finds herself again and the out of control child centers and grounds.

The path to fulfillment lies not in the pursuit of more, but in the contentment with less but better—in going all in with what is consciously ordained as essential and letting go of everything else.

"What if we could sit together in our home and feel truly relaxed?"

"We would be so much happier if our days weren't all transitions."

"What if we could be that family who says yes to spontaneous fun?"

"OMG, help me lose this extra 50 pounds of dead weight from my life!"

We'll Cover

1. Values

First, we'll set your family's values compass to guide the priorities of our collaboration.

2. Relationships

We'll adjust the boundaries, communication, and energy flow within your relationships, including parenting.

3. Time

Then we'll simplify your calendar to balance priority practices with open space.

4. Health

We'll integrate wellness practices (based on your needs) into the allocation of your time, money, and energy.

5. Money

We'll explore your money story and I'll walk you through the setup of a simple yet personal financial plan.

6. Home

I'll provide you with a plan to declutter and organize your home environment step-by-step, based on photos you will email me.

The Benefits

In one month, through a connective and collaborative approach, you will:

↠ align your lifestyle with your values

↠ enjoy a simplified home environment

↠ flow through an intentional daily rhythm

↠ improve your health practices

↠ become friends with money

↠ embrace more everyday environmentalism

↠ have a clear plan of action

↠ enjoy more peaceful and easy days



Minimalist Closet

You'll Get

You'll be coached into minimalism from anywhere in the world, without ever leaving your home (washed hair not required). I will hold space for your struggles and guide you forward with a personalized plan that unfolds as an easy conversation with a trusted mentor, to support you as you shift, via Skype and email.

1 month of coaching

4 weekly 45 minute Skype sessions

a personalized guide

email support

exclusive Facebook group membership

for $799

*Next available month: March

*Only 5 spots available each month

 "Hands down the best money I have ever spent on our family!"

Cassandra Mitchell

"I can’t recommend Rachel (Sage Parenting) enough! Rachel is a beacon of guidance to connected, respectful, authentic relationships in our parenting journey. I love her podcast and she’s incredible to work directly with as a coach. She articulates in a honest and approachable way and is an abundance of knowledge. I often ask myself “what would Rachel do” to channel her inner wisdom. Thank you Rachel for all that you bring the world, we need more like you, and thanks to you we can all follow the path you lead and change the world in the way we raise the future generations."

Christen Nicole