My 5 Favorite Mompreneur Business Tools

Mompreneur Business Tools

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Mompreneur Business Tools

My mission is all about helping families get connected, free, and joyful and one piece to that is supporting women in following their passions, serving others and the world, and earning an income. Motherhood is a passion-filled and valuable contribution on it’s own but if you feel called to layer in more, I support that too. I actually have a fiery passion for breaking down the “family” – “work” boundaries (for both women and men) and living a family integrated life in a family-integrated society. Children benefit. Parents benefit. Society benefits. But when blazing a new trail, there is no path to follow, which requires bravery, creativity, and resourcefulness. So in the spirit of sisterhood, I am going to share some biz tools that I use to reach and support families through my mompreneur hustle. It’s worth noting that I am extremely budget conscious, striving for the absolute lowest overhead I can have while still serving my clients and growing my business.

But first, a little adventure. Not long ago, we went on a week-long adventure to the (so wonderful) Life is Good Unschooling Conference and Great Wolf Lodge birthday extravaganza. One of the best things about my work is that I can do it from anywhere (holla location independence!) and I’m happy to return coaching emails and write content on the go. Guiding a family across the world or writing another book chapter from my laptop on a beach while my kids run around exploring is bliss. But I also realized (an epiphany that had been building for some time) that a great deal of my time was spent on menial work that should be shouldered by a bot. As we were frolicking amongst the unique species that is the wild unschooler, I kept having to stop to attach a .pdf to an email or add a new client to a subscriber list. Don’t get me wrong, I am so tremendously grateful for this work – truly! Every single interaction is a gift for which I have immense gratitude and hunger. But freeing myself from these time-sucking tasks opens up more time and energy to devote to the heart of my work, the good stuff that can only come from me (and the connection and experiences that inform my point of view). So I set an intention toward automation, reached out to some trusted mompreneurs (thanks Leah!), did some research, and freshened up my systems.

1. Convert Kit

I used to be Mail Chimp all the way. They had a great free platform and I dug their style. Once I tapped into the potential of the automation sequence, I upgraded to their paid plan and it was totes affordable. Once in the paying customer club, their customer service was delicious. A guy named Hawk once sent me a chimp beanie for my son. Loyalty earned.

Until I realized I needed to shift my onboarding process and they could not accommodate it (I could not have multiple automation sequences for the same list).

Enter Convert Kit, who could handle all of the processes I needed to grow my business (and was very intuitive to use). With my list size, I pay $49/month, which is my only monthly expense. I’ll walk you through my onboarding process so you can get a feel for the flow and Convert Kit’s essential role.

1 – Enroll: A mama clicks the button to enroll on my site.
2 – Waiver: They fill out a Ninja enrollment form that provides me with critical information and acts as my waiver.
3 – Payment: They are redirected to pay through PayPal.
4 – Opt In: They land back on my site in a Convert Kit form specific to the program they purchased.
5 – Content Delivery: Convert Kit adds them to my list with the appropriate tag and drops them into the corresponding sequence, the first email of which actually delivers their content (coaching intake assessment, ecourse materials, or ebook .pdf), invites them to join the exclusive Sage Parenting Tribe, and follows up over time with helpful corresponding support (check ins, related post links, up/down sells, feedback questions, renewal invitations, etc.).

. . . all automated – kachow!

2. Get Site Control

I was a Sumo girl for a long time. My favorite part about Sumo is actually the emails they send out – dope yo – and their customer service was on point – quick and helpful. I was using their social share, welcome mat, and list builder click trigger (that last part was a pretty penny).

But Convert Kit includes all the opt in hoopla I want. So the only thing left was the social buttons. Sumo’s buttons were swell but they only did share, not follow, which is crucial for me, as the bulk of my following comes from referrals and social media!

Enter Get Site Control (lame name, I know, but stick with me). They have a beautiful set of widgets with simple, clean, modern designs that are nicely customizable. People can follow me on Instagram, right from a sticky, unobtrusive sidebar that doesn’t break my website or disrupt the flow of my design and content. They have a menu of widgets they offer like chat and subscribe that look yummy and I am just wading in. I know from my user testing that people like a subscribe bar so much better than a pop up and theirs is sleek. I just purchased the paid plan for the year to remove their branding (for $192 – pricey for sure, but it’s worth $16/month for me) and unlock a few more features.


IFTTT = If This Then That. Automation boss – that’s what it should be called. IFTTT is a site full of widgets, or applets, as they call them, that automate your whole virtual life. For example, if I publish a new post on my WordPress blog, then it is posted on my Sage Parenting Facebook page. If I post to Instagram, then it is posted to Twitter with a native image. And are you ready for this? It’s completely free.

4. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is a plugin for WordPress that acts as my intake paperwork (therapist mindset). It collects the essential information that I need for whatever program the person is enrolling in (for example, child’s age) and provides them with the essential information they need about the program (for example, confidentiality). It’s our agreement with each other entering into the relationship. The plug in is free and I have purchased the conditional logic upgrade ($49 one-time purchase) that allows the fields displayed to change depending upon selections made (if/then logic). This keeps the form brief and simple. For example, if you are enrolling in in-home coaching over email coaching, the address fields will display. Once submitted, the completed form is emailed to me. Downside: I don’t love the style of it, on the back or front end.

5. Canva

Canva is like the adobe suite for laypeople. It’s where I do all my design work  for my ecourses, memes, blog images, etc. You can even collaborate through it with other mompreneurs on joint projects. It’s free – yay! It can be glitchy – boo! So just be sure you have your content written in word first and you save frequently.

Of course, every business is unique and your needs are going to be different than mine so this is meant to be less of a prescription and more of a resource laden inspiration. Let’s be so intentional with our time, energy, and resources, living our lives in a way that nurtures our children, ourselves, and the world over the long term but also in the everyday moments.

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