SFP 10: Beauty with Deena Barselah


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Today I’m here with my friend Deena Barselah talking about beauty.

Deena is an Integrative Health Coach and Educator, a wife, a mom to three-year-old Zeke, and lives in Encinitas, CA.  Deena has overcome several chronic health struggles of her own and leans on simple, natural, and time-tested methods to care for herself and her family.

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Adventure of the Week

This week I talk about a few adventures including indoor skydiving, the living computer museum, and a weekend trip that included a tulip farm, friendship, and a surprise party.


Beauty: I define beauty as the aesthetic celebration of my story and showing up as my whole, authentic self is the pinnacle of beautiful. We wrestle around with what beauty really is together.

Struggle: We dig into why it is such a struggle for women to comfortably inhabit the space of “beautiful” – to feel and to know their raw beauty.

Role Modeling: We go over the powerful force of role modeling in the realm of beauty for our children and in shifting the cultural tide.

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Time: Deena shares the daily rituals, routines, and rhythms of self-care that she holds space for as an act of self-love.

Quantity: We talk about simplicity and minimalism in our bathroom shelves.

Quality: We cover how we find products that are clean and nourishing.


I posted in my Sage Parenting Tribe on Facebook that we were going to chat about beauty and asked if they had any questions about it. A bunch of Sage Mamas said they are struggling with their relationship with make-up. Where does artistic self-expression end and patriarchy-imposed masking of externally defined flaws begin?

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2 thoughts on “SFP 10: Beauty with Deena Barselah

  1. This was an incredible episode. I loved the raw honesty of your experiences and real talk about what’s messed up in our society when it comes to the concept of beauty. Thank you so much for putting this out there. I am realizing more and more how the effects of those subtle messages from childhood creep into adult life. I’m happy to report that I am for the most part very comfortable in my wrinkly, freckly, squishy, funky skin and body. I wear clothes that are comfortable and fun, not “in style.” If I want to put on makeup and accessories, it’s done for me and not others. Carry on beautiful warriors of the truth!

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