SFP 12: Sleep with Melissa Lang Lytle


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Today I’m here with my friend Melissa Lang Lytle talking about sleep.

I would consider myself to be a bit of a late bloomer and care deeply about finding ways to be more connected to both the physical and spiritual world. I’m a mama of three children and married to my best friend for almost 18 years! I gravitate towards people and ideas that cultivate authenticity, vulnerability, and groundedness.

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Adventure of the Week

I share the fun we had on my mom’s visit when we went to an RV show, kayaking on the Sound, and NW Trek.


Baggage: We discuss a lot of the baggage and common misconceptions around sleep.

Geography: We share the sleep arrangements we have found most restful.

Sleepscape: I go over the details that can harness the power of the environment in promoting better sleep.

Routine: We cover some key components of the daily and evening routine.

Neglect: We touch on how research supports an evolutionary approach to sleep.


We tackle the question of how we handle sleep while traveling.

Dive Deeper

Put Cry It Out to Bed

Sage Sleep

The Gentle Sleep Book 

James McKenna

Evolutionary Parenting

6 thoughts on “SFP 12: Sleep with Melissa Lang Lytle

  1. I just so happened to stumble upon this today, the day my husband and i decided to “sleep train.” Both of us have been against this because it just didn’t feel natural for us. But we’ve had sooo much external pressure to get her to sleep on her own and through the night. She’s been sleeping with us for nine months perfectly fine. I’m so happy I came across this today. Where can i find more support for this?

  2. So excited for this next episode, but it doesn’t play very well. It’s not yet on iTunes or my podcast app. Help?

    1. Can you tell me what you mean “doesn’t play very well” so I can try to fix the problem? This episode will be released on iTunes and podcast apps everywhere on June 19th.

      1. Thanks Rachel! I can wait until then. What I mean is the recording stops playing as if it’s buffering. I can get it to start again, but then the same thing keeps happening. I’ll look forward to the 19th!
        Thanks for your podcast. It’s my absolute fav.

        1. Hmmmm, that’s no good. I just tried the playback and skipped around on my computer and cell phone and didn’t have that problem. I totally believe you though. I wonder why that’s happening.

          Oh thank you so much!

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