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This is episode 17 and today I’m here with my friend Israel Butson talking about socialization – the most common question we all get as homeschoolers.

Israel is an unschooling dad on a mission to disrupt education and help build a fresh paradigm for a new generation of young learners. Writing and dabbling with his camera daily, you can catch him on his blog Stark Raving Dad, and follow him on Facebookand Instagram. Originally from New Zealand, he now lives with his wife and three children on the Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne.

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Adventure of the Week

I share our day hiking up through the forest in the mountains with friends to a creek with naturally formed slide rocks and swimming pools.

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School Socialization: Since most people assume that school is the place where children receive optimal socialization, we talk about what’s actually happening in school in regard to socialization.

Natural Socialization: We paint a picture of what socialization looks like for us – natural socialization with diverse people in the real world through living life.

Balance: We discuss how we balance socialization in an unbusy, natural learning lifestyle within a connected family.

Values: Part of the definition of socialization includes acquiring the values, habits, and attitudes of a society so we share how and what we hope to impart to our children in terms of values.

Building Connection: We go over our best tips for building friendships in this unschooling lifestyle.


We tackle this question from Megan: “I need coaching in finding a balance. My reserved extrovert ALWAYS wants a friend around, to be in a class or activity, to be around people, my introverted kiddo needs more down time. But part of the point of homeschooling for me is fostering that down time, and it’s hard to foster it when one kid wants more stuff going on. I also think the “what about socialization” question gets me second guessing myself when I have one kid who also says “I want a friend to play with!!” all day long. So how can I achieve both without kiddo 1 feeling snubbed?”

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