SFP 20: Emotional Regulation with Azine Graff

20 Emotional Regulation

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This is episode 20 and today I’m here with Dr. Azine Graff talking about emotional regulation.

Azine is a mother, psychologist, and co-founder of Harmony in Parenting in LA. She is passionate about supporting parents and children in working through daily challenges through connection.

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Brain Development: We give some context to this conversation by going over where a child’s brain development is and how that affects their emotional regulation.

Mirroring: We talk about how mirroring and role modeling makes our own emotional regulation one of the most powerful forces in helping our children.

Accept/Reflect/Validate Feelings: We share what it looks and sounds like to accept, reflect, and validate our children’s feelings and experience and why it’s important.

Connection: We go over how to keep our compasses set to connection even in the hard moments.

Small Collaboration: We cover how we help our kids to move forward from emotional dysregulations, including repairing any harm or damage.

Big Collaboration: We share the essential step of brainstorming together around prevention, steps/tools, and practice.


We tackle this question from Pascale: “What are the consequences of not meeting this need in children? What does it look like? How does it manifest?”

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