SFP 24: Creativity with Meg McElwee


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This is episode 24 and today I’m here with Meg McElwee talking about creativity.

Meg is an aspiring gentle parent of three, former Montessori teacher, homeschooler, work-at-home fiber artist and lover of beauty and creativity in all forms. For the past twelve years, she has run her indie sewing pattern company, Sew Liberated, from her home . . . almost always surrounded by her beloved little ones.

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Adventure of the Week

I share our adventure at our local pioneer fort for a Christmas Regale festival.

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Ourselves: We talk about why it’s important for mothers to embrace creativity for themselves.

Entrepreneurship: We give advice for mamas out there who have dreams of generating income through their creative pursuits.

Parenting: We discuss how creativity has been essential on our parenting journeys.

Blocks: We go over what blocks creativity for some of us.

Children: Beyond the role modeling piece, we explain what we do to support our children’s creativity.

Minimalism: We share how we simultaneously embrace creativity and minimalism.

Clothing: We cover how we bring creativity into our wardrobes, both in acquiring and wearing pieces.

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