SFP 32: Debt Freedom with Sami Womack

Debt Freedom

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This is episode 32 and today I’m here with Sami Womack talking about debt freedom.

Sami Womack is the podcaster behind A Sunny Side Up Life Podcast. Sami is the wife to her high school sweetheart, Daniel, and a homeschooling momma to their three daughters. Her family began their intentional living journey with a debt price tag of $490,000. They took control of their family’s finances by downsizing, budgeting, and changing habits. From this experience, A Sunny Side Up Life was born.Today, Sami owns this business helping women get through dark times and experience the life-altering magic of intentional living.

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Debt: We discuss why we advocate for debt freedom.

Debt Snowball/Avalanche: We describe how we got out of debt.

Budget: We go over how we use budgets as a tool for bringing intention to our money.

Automation: We talk about how we use automation to simplify our financial lives.

Emergency Fund: We cover how and why we set up emergency funds.

Sinking Fund: We explain what a sinking fund is.

Retirement: We share how we approach retirement accounts.

College Fund: We speak to the controversial college fund (and why I do a launching fund instead).

Mortgage: We bring some perspective we have gained approaching a home as an asset.

Kids: We discuss how we teach our kids about money.

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