SFP 34: Creating Community with Lucy Aitkenread

Creating Community

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This is episode 35 and today I’m here with Lucy Aitkenread talking about creating community.

Lucy Aitkenread is founder of Parent Allies, a place that resources parents to be allies to their children. She lives off the grid in New Zealand with her family, where she creates videos and writes, facilitates retreats and workshops about how we can live compassionately – with our families, communities, ourselves and the earth.

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Adventure of the Week

I share our adventure at the Playing with FIRE documentary screening.

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We talk about what community is.

We share why community is important.

We go over how to create community.

We discuss how to maintain community.

Q & A

We answer the question, “What assumptions and fears did you have about living in community versus what the experience has actually delivered?”

Dive Deeper

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