SFP 36: Worldschooling with Brandon and Jen Pearce


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This is episode 36 and today I’m here with Brandon and Jen Pearce talking about worldschooling.

Brandon and Jennifer Pearce are the founders of the Family Adventure Summit, and co-founders of the At Home in the World Retreats. They have been traveling long-term with their three daughters (ages 16, 14, and 8) for the past 10 years, living in and/or visiting 45+ countries. Their website is

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Adventure of the Week

This week I share Sky’s adventure with some sewing mentorship.

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Pearce and Jen go over the catalysts for their leap off the mainstream path.

We talk about how travel lead to a lean into minimalism.

They discuss what values have guided their evolution.

They share advice for other families who want to travel.

They describe their approach to education and how their children learn.

They explain how they meet their financial needs and what other income sources they have seen work for other families.

We discuss some fears they had to work through and some fears others often bring up.

We talk about what they have learned, how they have grown, and what’s next for them.

Q & A

We answer the questions which places have been your favorite and why, how can you cultivate a feeling of community, belonging, and friendship while living semi-nomadically, and are you subject to any legal homeschooling requirements?

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