The first step to your best year


Show me your schedule and your bank statement and I’ll show you your priorities and values.

A fresh start to a whole new year is the perfect time to do a little soul searching to set your values and sit down as a family to define your priorities. This is the first step in Sage Homeschool Coaching for a reason – this is our compass and you must set it with intention.

In the mainstream, schedules are packed full and the pace of life is rushed until priorities and freedom are lost under the avalanche of busyness. But productivity does not equate to value and busy does not equate to success. As a matter of fact, busy is the antithesis of presence. That mainstream culture of “more more more – do more – acquire more!” is poison to a simple and happy life. So often the current is so strong that we’re just sucked in and we don’t even realize it until we feel like we’re drowning—failing to thrive in our own lives. I don’t want you and your children to be a victim of your life. Here’s what I want you to know:

You get to write your own story; you get to co-author your family’s story.

So let’s set our priorities! Don’t worry about the how yet. Just get your vision clear.

Imagine that you are coming to the table with no template or pre-existing baggage. Clean the slate and write down your top five priorities. Really do some soul searching here. In a perfect world, to what would you dedicate your time and money? In our present season, mine would be:

  1. Family (connection with each other)
  2. Adventure (experiences and travel) You can see those here!
  3. Personal Growth (self-care and self-driven learning)
  4. Home (our fixer upper)
  5. Creative Work and Service (YOU—connecting with a greater purpose by inspiring and supporting my Sage Parenting clients to raise a heart-full generation.)

What are your top five priorities? Wipe the slate clean and start creating a calendar and budget based on those for 2018.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.”
Henry David Thoreau

Let’s make this easy by breaking it down into several small action steps (bite-sized). For me that looks like:

  • Scheduling one big family adventure each month
  • Organizing one social micro-adventure each week
  • Fine tuning my daily rhythm (which is typed, printed, and hung on my wall)
  • Ordering non-fiction books (which act as textbooks in my personally designed curriculum for my learning this year)
  • Creating a new budget that tells our money where to go
  • Listing out my intentions for Sage Parenting, along with smaller action steps to achieve the goals
  • Writing out a new prioritized punch list for the house
  • Releasing all the things that we are done with (start with your closet, bathroom, or paperwork)

The research shows us that this process is helpful for about 90 day chunks at a time, which is why we have a family collaboration session at the start of every new season. Grab this season by the balls and write your damn story already. Apathy was so 2017.

Head on over to the Sage Parenting Tribe and under the Priorities post, add your priorities or action steps as a comment and get inspired by the values of others.

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