Rachel Rainbolt

I'm Rachel

Rachel Rainbolt


I Am

I’m the Parenting Coach for gentle (intentional, intuitive, respectful, compassionate, authentic) women who want to elevate their mothering and are ready to get connected, joyful, and free on the natural path.

I Bring

I bring a unique alchemy of insight (M.A. Family Therapy, CEIM, and published writer of 4 books, numerous curricula, and countless articles), experience (nearly 2 decades working with young children and parents), passion (media advocate on television, podcasts, and vlogs), and heart (unschooling and attachment parenting mother of 3) to sage parenting coaching, classes, and books.

My Story

Once upon a time I was a sensitive young lady who quietly questioned everything, enjoyed a special connection with little ones, and felt a powerful drive to change the world. Maybe it’s because Mr. Rogers told me I was special. I was also a bullied latch key kid from a dysfunctional family (baggage? check.). I fell madly, truly, deeply in love with my husband and co-pilot after we met freshman year of college as teenagers in the dorm. At the ripe age of 22 as we graduated college he finally agreed to make babies with me. The day my first son was born I was reborn as a mother and as earth shatteringly amazing as this was, he was a high needs baby whose favorite pastime was an endless cycle of breastfeeding, spitting up, and not sleeping. I thought I was totally qualified for this mothering gig, yet I had inherited the mainstream parenting lens and I was lost in my zealousness to do everything “right” until surrendering to the natural needs of my own baby unlocked the cornerstone piece I had been missing: connection. My compass firmly set, 3 boys, a million kisses, countless fun adventures, a few stumbles, and one ridiculously happy life later, the rest is history.

I Believe

I believe in the power of connection, the radical principle that children are human beings deserving of respect and empathy, nighttime parenting that honors a little one’s natural needs and allows for both connection and independence to blossom, and natural learning through living a lifestyle of freedom and joy.

I Aspire To

I aspire to live an authentic, fulfilling life of connection, health, and joy openly for others witness, inspire people to question mainstream principles that breed disconnection and lead to dysfunction, empower families with well researched information so they can make conscious choices, and develop programs to offer families a path on their journey to a place of thriving.

My Mission

My mission is to guide and empower families like yours through sleep, parenting, and homeschooling to a lifestyle in which everyone is rested, honored, learning, and thriving in connection.

My Why

I am called with great drive and passion to this work because this raising heart full children thing is bigger than me. And it’s even bigger than you. The world is plagued by the effects of disconnection: anxiety, depression, aggression, addiction (and the list goes on). We have to start a revolution to create the future we want for our children and our children’s children and that starts right here, today, when you give yourself the support you need to set your compass to connection with your child. Every interaction, every conversation, every choice, either stepping toward or away from a world of peace and love.

“Hopefully you know how wonderful you are and how much you’ve really held my family’s hand. And it really is an incredibly big thing you do helping this generation of free spirits create a wondrous world.”
Vanessa Green

“What a mission you have in this world. It’s so obvious that this is your calling. Such good you are doing; making so many children’s lives happier. And imagine what type of adults they will turn out to be with all this love and respect. You are making this world a better place.”
Pascale Gozlan

I’m Ready



Are we a good fit?

If things like breastfeeding on-cue, in public, and full-term, co-sleeping and night nursing, compassionate communication with respectful collaboration and natural consequences, and interest-led and experiential learning sound like your jam, then I’m your guide. If you are seeking to manipulate and control your children for the sake an outcome based on your and modern, mainstream societies convenience with tactics like cry-it-out, punishments, rewards, or milestone competition, then I’m not the guide for you. Still unsure? Let’s chat!

Are you qualified or are you another quack pseudo expert espousing uninformed bullshit?

This is a bullshit-free zone. While I believe that intuitive maternal heart is the keystone to parenting work, I have also dedicated my life to developing a deep and complex understanding of children and families. I began work in preschools that extended to running both private early childhood facilities and an infant public health program, then one-on-one child therapy, family therapy, and group therapy, in both private practice and school settings. Concurrently I studied for an A.A. in Psychology with an emphasis in Child Development and Women’s Studies, a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Sociology, and an M.A. in Marital and Family Therapy where I specialized in early childhood, parenting, and attachment. I then went on to become a Certified Educator of Infant Massage (CEIM). I am a devourer of literature and research on all things parenting that I utilize to inform my work with the many hundreds of families I coach each year. My children are my greatest teachers, followed by my Sage Parenting families, but there is much foundation that lies beneath the surface. Basically, I’m legit.

Where are you?

I was born and raised in sunny San Diego, California (Sage Papa is from Honolulu, Hawaii), which we called home while we nested with our babies. We recently leaped into a new season of adventures up in the Pacific Northwest. But part of the beauty of Sage Parenting Coaching is that you can get it from anywhere in the world! I have clients everywhere from Norway to Australia to Argentina to Canada to Israel and scattered all over the US.

What age range do you specialize in?

If you have a child or children birth to 12, then you are right in the Sage Parenting sweet spot.

Can we be friends?

Hell yes. Instagram is where I share our personal journey living, learning, and loving. If you want to witness and converse around all our gloriously perfect imperfection, follow me here. The Facebook page is where I share all the parenting gems that catch my eye here. Best of all, once you become a Sage Parent (read a book, take a class, or get some coaching), you get invited to join the Sage Parenting Tribe Facebook group here where all the good sisterhood bonding happens – like a never ending virtual bon fire with chocolate and wisdom.

What does this cost?

The good news is that walking the natural parenting path means not spending thousands of dollars on devices of disconnection spanning everything from a crib to a private school. This frees you to invest in what really matters for the long haul. What are harmonious relationships and a happy life worth? What would you spend on a monthly preschool bill? What would you spend for a nice dinner out or a vacation? A financial choice is a reflection of your priorities. Where do yours lie? Put your money where your heart is. Sage Parenting support ranges from $4.99 for an ebook to $800 for an in-home Sage Parenting Coaching package, with the most popular purchase being monthly email coaching for $400.

Does this work?

So much YES. It’s remarkable how some easy shifts can yield such tremendous results. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Reviews from Sage Parents abound throughout the site.

“I believe that if every parent learned from Rachel Rainbolt, we would live in a happier, more peaceful, more respectful, and more playful world. How amazing would that be? Rachel is a guru for me in the parenting world. I met her when Zeke was 4 weeks old in an infant massage class and she talked about parenting and children in a way I’d never heard anyone speak about children before. I was moved and inspired. And while it all made so much sense, I was also shocked. Zeke will be 2 in just a few weeks and we’ve looked to Rachel and her tribe over and over and over for guidance. Parenting is about so much more than just the decisions we make for our children or the schedule we create. Rachel has supported me to look inward, think about my life, my motivations, and has continued to support me in challenging convention (just as I do with so many other areas of life) in parenting. If you haven’t yet connected with her, you must! And one day, I will tell Zeke all about her, and I think he’ll be thankful too! It’s never “easy” doing things this way, but so much more meaningful and so worth it. Thank you Rachel for making me a better mom!”
Deena Barselah

Let’s Do This