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Sage Baby Class


Get in touch with baby massage and beyond.

Seattle-Tacoma families get to come together in person for the fun experience of a baby massage based Sage Parenting class, where calmed babies, empowered parents, and bonded relationships bloom.

This 4-week class covers everything you need to know to harness the full potential of your loving touch, unlock your parenting potential and bring the myriad of benefits to you and your baby.

Class covers baby’s whole body: legs and feet, stomach, chest, face, arms and hands, back, and includes Gentle Movements and Colic Relief Routine plus the content of Sage Slumber, Troubled Tummies, and Babywearing classes.

This class goes beyond baby massage to include hands-on education and discussion around all things parenting infants including reflexes, crying, calming, mirroring, sleep (nighttime parenting), verbal communication, tummy time, babywearing, dealing with advice, babyproofing, and even a song.

  • Promote restful sleep
  • Reduce crying
  • Improve digestion
  • Promote communication
  • Encourage brain & motor development
  • Relieve common discomforts
  • Relax you both
  • Deepen the bond between you and your baby

Enrollment in Sage Baby INCLUDES:

  • Angel Baby Massage Oil for use during class
  • Parent Book
  • Photos
  • Certificate
  • Facebook group membership


“My husband and I call her the baby guru. Not only did she teach us baby massage but all sorts of other tips to help our baby be the calm, happy baby that he wants to be. I recommend the sage baby class to all new parents!”
Jessica & Glenn, Sage Parents to Ethan

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Group Class

For only $100 you can join us for a 4-week group class with other families and their sweet babes, which provides a special opportunity for new mamas to connect and share their collective wisdom.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

Private Instruction

For only $300 you can learn everything you need to know in 3 sessions in the comfort of your own home, on your schedule.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I’m Ready





Rachel is a Certified Educator of Infant Massage (CEIM). She was trained and is certified by Infant Massage USA, the US affiliate of the International Association of Infant Massage, headquartered in Sweden (IAIM-Sweden).[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]


Visit our Yelp page to see a plethora of positive reviews along with our 5 star rating (25 five star reviews… and counting)!

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]”One of the best things I did as a new mom!”

Dawn, Sage Mama to Drew, then Beau

“The first night we did some relaxing massage and she slept 7 hours and the night after that was 9!”

Rachel, Sage Mama to Gianna

“I feel like the class not only taught me the art of infant massage, but also provided me with valuable parenting tools that I’ve been implementing since the first week of the course. We’ve integrated massage into our nightly routine, and I’ve since noticed that Mario has been sleeping deeper and for longer stretches of time. Taking the time to do the infant massage every night helps us all (my husband included, he loves to participate) unwind and finish the day together while creating a serene environment to bond in.

I truly feel that the class has taught me to be more in tune with my baby’s wants and needs and Rachel’s lessons have equipped me with the tools to be able to meet those needs efficiently and in the most present, compassionate way. I feel more aligned with Mario than ever and I feel like the class has helped become more familiar with his mannerisms and reactions to different stimuli, which makes it easier to tell whether or not he enjoys certain actions; this enables our unspoken communication and I feel confident that I can “read” him and be able to respect his wishes.

What I enjoyed most was the solid hour that was dedicated to bonding with my son without the distractions that are present in the day-to-day routine. Apart from that, I really enjoyed being in a warm and inviting environment where I was able to speak with other moms, and openly and freely ask questions and hear Rachel’s expert advise. I loved that I was learning valuable skills to soothe my baby, while feeling almost like I had an hour of “therapy” for myself.

Rachel is so warm and honest; from the moment the class began I felt completely relaxed and at ease, never doubting asking any question, expressing any thoughts I might have had, or asking for advise. She is so knowledgeable, but most importantly her lessons always come from a place of love and compassion. She has a very gentle confidence which is then imparted into her students, creating a wonderful ongoing cycle of teaching and learning, resulting in happier, healthier, and more fulfilled parents and babies.

I took the Sensational Baby class with Rachel during the month of September, while my baby grew from 11 to 15 weeks old. From the moment I stepped into the class, I felt completely comfortable thanks to Rachel’s warm and gentle approach. She is so knowledgeable and has such great insight. As a first time mother, everything is new to me and it is easy to sometimes feel uncertain; Rachel’s advise imparted confidence and instilled positivism in me. I loved learning different methods to soothe and comfort my baby, while actively bonding with him, and at the same time being able to speak with other mothers and learning from one another. I love that Rachel provides a safe environment to voice one’s feelings- sometimes we are so consumed with tending to our new babies that we forget to take the time to recognize that when a baby is born, so is a mother, and with that comes many new emotions and life changes. Rachel allows mothers to take the time to reflect and work through their emotions, resulting in happier, healthier mothers and babies. I thought I was signing up for an infant massage class, when in fact I left knowing not only the art of massaging and soothing my baby, but also having gained parenting and life tools I will forever implement. Thank you for guiding me through this time Rachel! I am so grateful to have crossed paths with you.”

Stephanie, Sage Mama to Mario

“What I loved most was the time together with my daughter and learning to create a special bond with her through touch. I really felt that learning infant massage taught me more about listening to her cues and more about treating her with respect as an individual soul, even at this young age. I learned more about Lydia’s cues to me in terms of communicating when she is hungry, tired, overstimulated, or just needing to be held. I also learned to show her she can trust me through respecting her and touching her in a loving and healing way. I loved learning from you, Rachel, because you didn’t just teach massage techniques – you taught me about being a loving mommy and that I need to follow my own instincts with my daughter and to trust myself. I just want to say “Thank You” for the experience! I truly enjoyed class and use the techniques all the time with my baby. It was invaluable in terms of bonding with my baby and creating a truly trusting and loving relationship with her. I feel that she knows she is honored and respected because of what I have learned!”

Claire, Sage Mama to Layla, then Lydia

“In case I haven’t told you in a while, we really love our Baby Massage! This morning Lydia (who is 15 months old now) was pretty uncomfortable and having a difficult time with her “morning movement.” We laid down on the rug and I used your baby massage techniques for tummy and bowels, and I had a much happier baby in about ten minutes. Thank you, again, for helping me have a happy and comfortable baby!
I am just so grateful for that class … really helped Lydia and I bond, and it really helps her be healthy and comfortable!”

“Remembering tonight how much I love my baby massage techniques … Knowing how to gently ease sinus pressure and open tear ducts with my own loving hands helps me make my 20 month oldies comfortable and helps her sleep easier when she’s got a case of the yuk-eyes. Thousands of continued thanks, Sage Parenting. And daddy says thank you, too! ♥ “

Claire and Lydia … one year later

“Infant massage was an amazing experience for my daughter and I! It helped me connect with my daughter and provided us with a special bonding time each week. I loved having special together time with Kaitlyn. I feel the class gave us an opportunity to get to know each other better. I loved how relaxing it was for both of us!! I also enjoyed talking to the other moms and sharing our experiences. I learned the importance of staying calm and relaxed when I massage her. Infant massage helped my daughter sleep better, relax and relieved her of painful gas. Rachel is AMAZING! She was so calm and reassuring and was so open with her own experiences as a mom. I really looked forward to the class each week! Rachel provided us with a safe and comfortable environment to ask all of our questions and share our experiences. I wish there was an infant massage part 2! I am so glad I found infant massage and I know I will continue to use it as Kaitlyn grows! Thanks Rachel for a wonderful experience!!!”

Kelly, Sage Mama to Kaitlyn

“My daughter Summer and I have looked forward to class each and every week. Learning massage and the interaction with my daughter has improved her sleep and learning new ways to interact has been invaluable. Baby massage class has been the most rewarding experience so far! I recommend this class to everyone!

I enrolled in the Sensational Baby massage class hoping to learn a few massage techniques to use on my four month old daughter. I thought it would be something fun I could do to bond with my new daughter…but boy did it turn out to be so much more! I learned amazing techniques to sooth my infant as well as techniques to help for tummy aches, and growing muscles. You hear how important a bedtime routine is for young ones learning to sleep and massage was something that we could easily incorporate into her bedtime routine. Something that surprised me from taking the class was the connection that I built with my daughter. This was something that was unexpected and amazing. It was truly bonding time that we looked forward to every week, and have continued now that the class has ended. What I did not expect out of the class was all the information that I received from Rachel on all things regarding an infant. She has so much knowledge to share and has become an ongoing source for all things baby for me even after the class had ended.”

Melanie, Sage Mama to Summer

“I took the Sensational Baby Massage class a little over a year ago. I have to say that I am still using Rachel’s knowledge of child development to this day! I recently needed some advise on what to do with my 18 month old and transitioning away from some new bad habits. I was at a standstill and had now where to turn. Then I thought of Rachel and how she has always offered her support for me through motherhood and the transitions from newborn to toddler years. I called on her and within 5 minutes she called me back. Her advice worked amazingly and I can’t thank her enough for being there for me when I really needed some motherhood advise. This is NOT just a class that will help you bond with your baby…but you are investing in a person who truly cares about the bond between you and your children and will be there fore you a year after you take her class!”

Melanie and Summer … one year later

“I recommend this class to everyone with children. Rachel is truly gifted when it comes to understanding babies and their needs. Your little one will get much more than a massage from this class!

From the first moment I met Rachel at a Soothing Slumber class at Babies by the Sea, I knew she was a kind soul. Rachel and the other class members were so sweet to me that I knew I would benefit from the five week session of classes. I enrolled right away and the classes gave me confidence and the knowledge that I am the mother I desire to be. Before my five week session I was afraid to leave the house with my baby, Dylan. I had struggled with anxiety and was afraid of everything. The once a week class format allowed me to slowly adjust to life outside of the safety of my home. I am so grateful to Rachel for the precious gift she gave me by teaching me how to confidently meet the needs of my baby at home and in the world around us. We now embark on adventures everyday, whether it’s to the park, Target, Birch Aquarium, or even a mini road trip to Costa Mesa. Rachel was always open to comments and questions throughout the classes. I learned so much more about being a new mom than massage techniques. We talked about everything from baby wearing to first foods.”

Kristie, Sage Mama to Dylan

“Thought about you tonight while Dylan got his nightly massage. I still sing skinamarinkee every night. He’s now asking for lotion so he can rub his own belly. We love you.”

Kristie and Dylan … one year later

“The most precious gift that I have received from my personal experiences in this class is the realization of how important it is to consistently take a little bit of time away from a hectic day to have some quiet time connecting with my son. It’s easy to forget this when we (moms) spend so much of our time with our infants trying to take care of their immediate needs. By making it a consistent part of our nightly routine, infant massage is something special, shared between only baby and I and hopefully our routine massage time will ease the distress of me having to return to work and baby having to go to his care provider.

I liked the environment that was established from the start. There was no judgment when a mommy had to stop a massage because the baby was hungry, had a dirty diaper or was fussy and just didn’t want the massage at that particular time. It was nice to have the support to do whatever was necessary to make our babies comfortable. I also enjoyed the infant care education that was woven into our class.

Rachel helped me to feel comfortable in the class by doing 2 very important things. First of all, she made it clear from the start that the most important thing to do during our class was to respond lovingly to our babies…whether it meant changing their diaper, nursing them, or just holding them close instead of going through the massage exercise. Secondly, I enjoyed how she had different parenting topics at each class and asked for our thoughts on these topics that we may not have thought about previously.

Participating in this class has been one of the best things that I could have done for Juliano and myself. It was a wonderful experience that has helped us to bond and learn about each other. It has helped me to remain calm during his fussy episodes and to be confident in my ability to respond to his needs. Thank you!”

Natasha, Sage Mama to Juliano

“My husband and I call her the baby guru. Not only did she teach us baby massage but all sorts of other tips to help our baby be the calm, happy baby that he wants to be. I recommend the sensational baby class to all new parents!”

Jessica and Glenn, Sage Parents to Ethan

“Rachel made the class fun for the parents and the baby. She is very welleducated and has plenty of knowledge on massage strokes, parenting and feeding tips for the baby, among other things. She made us feel so comfortable and answered all our questions. Above all, we could tell she loves to do what she does and that makes the experience all the more fun for us. Thank you for an exceptional experience. “

Chatali and Hardek, Sage Parents to Saachi

“Sometimes I get so caught up in menial chores that I find myself wishing the girls would TAKE A NAP. But, today at Baby Massage I was reminded by a dear friend that the first 18 months of a baby’s life are spent building relationships, bonding, & learning to trust. So, my promise to little Layla is that I will hold her as much as I can, respond with compassion & purpose to her cues, & remember that she will only be this little once … Thanks Rachel Rainbolt!”

Claire, Sage Mama to Layla

“In case I haven’t told you lately, Sensational Baby is the most invaluable parenting tool I’ve got. Baby Layla had a fever for two days, so I gave her Tylenol to help make her more comfortable. Within the hour, she was crying in pain- it gave her a tummy ache! Whether or not massage was the remedy (which I think it was), just knowing how to use my hands to assure my babe that Momma was there, that she was safe, and that she wasn’t alone was invaluable. I could read the trust in her eyes as I sang to her and repeated Waterwheel and I Love You again and again. Thank you, Rachel, from all of us at the Hyde house … Mostly little Layla, who is now sleeping soundly.”

Claire and Layla … months later

“I am so thankful to have found Rachel and the Sensational Baby classes. Ifeel more confident as a first time mommy and now better understand the many wonderful benefits of infant massage. My 13 week old son and I always looked forward to class each week and only wish there was a “part 2″ series of classes we could take! The class has enabled me to more closely listen to and watch my baby in order to best understand his needs. After all, we are still getting to know each other and Sensational Baby has brought us closer. Thank you!”

Courtney, Sage Mama to Henry

“I cannot praise Sage Parenting enough. It saved my little girl from her digestive issues, as well as eased our issues putting her to bed. We learned a great deal of techniques during our 5 week session of “Sensational Baby” and Rachel, the instructor, is so insightful on baby issues. I loved the atmosphere she provided during each class and how that allowed us to feel free to please our little ones based on their cues. Classes revolved around our baby’s comfort and was a non-judgmental and relaxing environment.

We looked into infant massage because we were having issues putting our 5-month old to bed. She would not go to bed unless she was rocked to sleep. Although I don’t mind rocking my little one to sleep, it would take up to an hour to get her to fall asleep and she would wake up the second I laid her head down. We began incorporating the infant massage techniques into our nightly routine, and after a couple of weeks we noticed her nightly massages made a great difference. Her nightly massages cut down the amount of time it took to put her to sleep; we went from an hour to doing so in less then 10 minutes. Massages produced those feel good endorphins to relax our little girl that previously took an hour of rocking and bonding time. Not only did we have issues putting our little one to bed but we also had issues with her not going to the bathroom regularly. From the techniques we learned on our first day, our little one went to the bathroom twice on the same day – when she was normally only going to the bathroom every 3 to 4 days. Getting her digestive issues back on track eased her discomfort with going to the bathroom. The stomach massages alone were a life saver when one day my little one was unable to go to the bathroom because a change in milk. As she cried and screamed I started to massage her belly and she stopped crying after only a few minutes of her massage, and half an hour later was able to go to the restroom again.

Rachel is an amazing instructor and you can learn all these wonderful techniques at an affordable price.

Besides the knowledge of the massage techniques and the benefits listed above the other gift I would say I received was nursing in public without a cover on. Before the class I had never nursed in public so freely besides in my own home. The environment and atmosphere was so friendly and un-judgemental that made me free relaxed and comfortable in my own skin to nurse Averi freely. I would rather not hear the opposition to nursing in public without a cover and I struggle with it but Rachel reminds us how beneficial breastfeeding is and breastfeeding openly promotes it and this encourages me to step up to opposition and put my child first. Averi and I will benefit from this because she doesn’t like nursing with the cover and I will no longer put her second to my comfort level.”

Joanna, Sage Mama to Averi

“I am so happy I took the class. I feel the infant massage has really helped me and my baby bond. I can see the sense of relaxation and calmness that overcomes Macallan once we start the massage. I think the most precious gift is just being able to bond with baby. I was very worried about my baby forgetting me when I started working again. But, I love that I have the massage skills to fall back on so that when I come home from work – Macallan and I have our 1 on 1 alone time together.

Learning infant massage is invaluable. I also liked how Rachel incorporated parenting lessons on sleeping, tummy troubles, and other things. Being a first time mom, it was very helpful to learn about these other things. It’s also nice to have something to do every week and time to share and discuss things with other first time moms. The intimate setup in Rachel’s home was a nice comfortable environment. It was great to be able to breastfeed whenever, without having to worry about wearing a cover. Also, you didn’t have to worry about people getting annoyed if your baby started crying.”

Nora, Sage Mama to Macallan

“This class helped me gain confidence as a first time mom, and gave me great tools to bond with my baby and share special time with her.”

Dana, Sage Mama to Emma

“I really appreciated connecting with other new moms who are interested in the same things as I am; like learning to how to soothe, nurture and love your baby with touch/massage. I also really enjoyed talking and learning from the instructor, who’s training I think is in family therapy. That it can help bond you even more to your baby, creating a different level of trust. I see it in my babies eyes at night when I massage her … its like she’s saying ahhh… there you are mommy – I love you! She had an extremely calming and soothing way about her. Let us know that being late was ok, breastfeeding was ok, crying babies were ok … that its all expected with motherhood. That really relieved a lot of my stress! Teacher was extremeley nice and knowledgable. Baby LOVES her massages!”

Amy, Sage Mama to Nichole

“I was first introduced to Rachel through Shelley Rahim’s prenatal yoga class. Since I had already experienced the wonderful benefits of massage in my life it made sense that infant massage would be great for my baby too so as soon as the class opened up I signed up. Rachel is a great instructor; very patient, thorough, and dedicated to helping us get out of the class what our family needed. Even my husband was surprised when he saw how much our daughter and the other babies in the class really enjoyed the sessions. We couldn’t finish a class before our daughter would be fast asleep and it still has the same effect on her now. I left the class feeling much more confident as a parent, better able to communicate with my baby, and much more prepared to meet her frequently changing needs. When my infant daughter caught a cold the techniques Rachel taught us helped relieve her congestion in her head and chest. I was so grateful when she got over her cold much faster than I anticipated. Thank you so much Rachel for passing this age old wisdom on to us.”

Jayda and Cameron, Sage Parents to Rachel

“When I signed up for the class I did it because I was looking for any excuse to get out of the house and do something with the baby so I wouldn’t go crazy in the house, but it turned out to be so much more. First, learning how to massage an infant and not be fearful of doing it too hard or hurting them, was invaluable. Now at home I can teach my husband and he has another way of interacting with our beautiful daughter. Second, bonding with the other girls in the class was fun. Hanging out with other people that are in exactly the same position you are in was an enormous benefit. If I had a question about anything, there was someone in the class who had a suggestion! It was an amazing experience!”

Samantha, Sage Mama to Lexington

“Our new family bonded through these classes and we found massage to be a very valuable tool for getting to know our son. We loved it and looked forward to it every week!”

Elizabeth and Drew, Sage Parents to Orion

“We loved our infant massage class! As brand new parents, we were not sure what to expect, but Rachel made us feel comfortable every week. Our baby seemed to be in a different mood each week, but Rachel always had something positive to say. And we always enjoyed a good laugh with the other couples. Now we use our massage techniques to interact with our baby in the morning and he really seems to like it more and more each time. The class was a wonderful bonding time for us as a family, and the support from Rachel and the other couples made a big difference during our first weeks as parents! Thank you so much!”

Juli and Matt, Sage Parents to Ryder

“I would highly recommend this class to new moms and dads. My husband and I really enjoyed the class and were disappointed when it ended. When my daughter got constipated after the classes ended I knew how to make her feel better and the same thing was true when she got a cold. It’s nice and comforting to know how to make your child feel better. Massage is now a part of our bedtime routine. Since massaging in the evenings I’ve found that Reagan sleeps more soundly and longer too! I’d suggest taking the class early so you can take advantage of the colic and calming routines. An awesome experience!”

Stacy and Tim, Sage Mama to Reagan

“We had been looking for an infant massage class when our baby was just a few months old but never really found one. When Rachel was recommended to us we jumped on the opportunity and we’re glad we did. It ended up being better to have waited a bit before taking the class because I think it is easier to massage a 5 month old than a tiny baby, especially because at 5 months we already knew a little bit more about what she liked and what ‘issues’ (gas) we really wanted to learn new strokes for. We can highly recommend Rachel’s class. She is knowledgable on infant massage and very kind with the babies. Thanks Rachel!”

Noelle and Michael, Sage Parents to Riley

“I am so glad I had the opportunity to take the class. A wonderful way to spend time with my baby and other moms and babies and I’m so glad to have learned some techniques to calm, comfort and bond with Ella!! You were a great instructor, so glad to have had the opportunity to take the class from you! Thank you so much!”

Jeryl, Sage Mama to Ella

“I loved spending time with other moms. Infant massage gave me an opportunity to share the joys and challenges of motherhood while alsospending quality time with my youngest child, and learning new things too! What more can a mother ask for? I learned that Lyla really likes to have her face massaged when she is tired, and so does Charlotte!! Rachel was just like one of us. She can relate to all the ups and downs of mommyhood, and she’s also an expert, making her even more accessible and valuable as a guide. I really appreciated her “whatever makes you and baby happy” attitude as I have an older baby and had to use more creative massaging techniques. Charlotte, my three year old daughter is still talking about infant massage and massaging her “babies.” I think it’s great that my three year old daughter is already learning such special ways to nurture. I’m very proud that I could set that example for her.”

Whitney, Sage Mama to Charlotte and Lyla

“Infant massage class was fun, educational, and a wonderful bonding time with my daughter. It made me feel good to learn something to help relax and soothe Mia. While you learn massage for their whole body, you can do it in parts and still see results. Mia’s favorites are the back massages at bedtime and the stomach massages for gas. Wow! You couldn’t be more relaxed and comfortable in Rachel’s class! It’s amazing how we can have so many babies, each on their own “agenda”, and still have an amazing, relaxed class. I loved that the most important thing was to listen to our babies and do what makes them happy. Rachel was a wonderful instructor and puts the focus on doing what makes your baby happy. I loved taking the class in a group setting with other moms and sharing our adventures in mommyhood! I highly recommend Rachel’s infant massage class to other parents.” Thank you, Rachel!

Dana, Sage Mama to Mia

“Jonathan and I truly enjoyed taking your class. All the information you taught us was very helpful in learning about the importance of massaging your baby and the proper techniques on how to do it. Having 5 consecutive classes was very useful, because it helped to reinforce all the techniques we were learning each week and build up to learn new ones. Since we started taking your class, we have incorporated the baby massage as part of our night time routine and Jonathan absolutely loves it! I just ask him “would you like a massage?” and he gives me a big smile. I even taught my husband Mark how to do it, so he too can have a special bonding time with our baby. Even our older son Alexander has learned a few techniques and enjoys massaging his baby brother too. It’s a whole family affair! Thank you again!”

Daniela, Sage Mama to Jonathan

“Money well spent! We loved the classes & loved Rachel’s style of teaching, very supportive & very informative! We were impressed with how much our daughter liked her sessions, and how much you could work on. A super fun bonding experience with our child! In practice it has been a great addition to our nightly sleeptime routine.”

Keri and Ernest, Sage Parents to Ariana

“Thank you Rachel for providing this great infant massage class. Emma and I really enjoyed it and it was so relaxing and fun seeing the other moms and babies. You were very educated about the massage techniques and made us feel very comfortable. I would recommend this class to other moms in the future!”

Janicke, Sage Mama to Emma

“All the Fairchild girls [mom, auntie & grandma] very much enjoyed spending time with you and learning the art of infant massage. You have a beautiful disposition and present information in a very organized fashion. We certainly learned that Rion loves being massaged….especially for the first 20 minutes and particularly his arms and legs. He’s not much of a tummy guy. You communicate in a very calm, soothing way which makes people feel comfortable in your class. Also, when we aren’t quite getting the strokes correct, you correct us in a positive manner that encourages us to keep trying to improve. The class was extremely helpful and we appreciated your professionalism, warm personality, and sharing your skills with us.”

Julie, Sage Auntie to Rion

“He’s 16 months old now and such a sweet little guy, very friendly and extremely active! We still use some of your infant massage techniques after bath time. Your classes are such a special way for parents to bond with their new baby.”

Tanya, Hayden, and Sam … one year later

“This class gave me a deeper sense of knowing her body and how she likes to be touched. I feel closer to my little angel and know that I am making her feel so good. We love to spend time massaging especially after bath time. It’s OUR thing together.

I really liked getting to discuss parenting issues in a non-stressful, non-judgmental environment. Rachel kept things moving so slowly, so professional, yet so warm. It was a very open environment.”

Ashley, Sage Mama to Hannah

“The most precious gift that we received from the Sensational Baby class is the handy combination of bonding through massage. Baby Kayla and I have benefitted from this particularly in the area of rest; after her massages, she is so relaxed and calm that she is able to take a truly solid nap on her own – without the aid of nursing or anything beforehand! My favorite part of the class was learning the fun techniques of baby massage – they are all very intuitive and extremely useful! Rachel made us feel comfortable in the class by creating a serene atmosphere from the quiet layout of the room to the peaceful music playing in the background to her own personal tranquil aura.”

Shelly, Sage Mama to Kayla

“She is a very warm, caring, genuine person! Highly recommend as an infant massage teacher!”

Heather, Sage Mama to Jace

“This class was such a gift and a treat. It really reminded me how important it is to focus directly on Riley without distractions of everyday life. That was the best gift I could get. This part of her life is so special and she’ll be grown up before I know it!”

Sarah, Sage Mama to Riley

“This class was both socially rewarding for me and educational. It gave me a new way to bond and interact with my baby. I wish I had known about this class for my first baby!”

Christina, Sage Mama to Dylan

“[This class] gave me a chance to bond with my daughter. I learned to read her cues.”

Rachelle, Sage Mama to Dana

“Rachel, it was a real pleasure to share our Sunday afternoons with you and other moms and babies. I really enjoyed learning not only baby massage techniques but also discussing everyday concerns. Most of all, these classes were a unique opportunity for me to share special time with my little one! I think the most precious gift I received from the classes is spending some real special time with Elsa and sharing personal experiences with you [Rachel], Marianne, and Tracy. By listening to everyone’s experiences, I realized there is no universal way to do things but probably millions… The lesson is really to listen to your mom’s heart and it will guide you to your own truth, in terms of what to do with your baby of course!”

Julia, Sage Mama to Elsa

“Rachel was excellent at engaging everyone equally and making everyone feel good in their own unique journeys through parenthood.”

Jennifer, Sage Mama to Morgan

“This morning I heard Naveen saying/singing “I love you” and when I looked over he was talking to Meena and doing his version of the “I love you massage” on her arms. So cute! Thank you for giving us this precious gift.

My children and I took the Sensational Baby class when my older child was almost 3 and my younger child was a few months old. Not only did we learn how to use massage for practical uses such as to relieve gassiness, colic and to wind baby down for the night, we also received a wealth of knowledge from Rachel about parenting and parent-child bonds. By the end of the class series, I had learned to massage with both of my children and my son was massaging his baby sister, safely, allowing them to bond in a way I didn’t think would be possible! Rachel’s personality is warm, supportive and nonjudgmental. She also has a wealth of parenting knowledge that is respectful and compassionate for both parents and children. I strongly recommend this class to everyone with small children! You will cherish the memories and skills you gain as a parent for a lifetime!”

Nita, Sage Mama to Naveen and Meena

“Michelle and I really enjoyed the class and we cant wait to put in practice what we learned. What I really liked about you is the fact that you love what you do and you pass it on to the people taking the class. Its a fun way to spend time with our little ones and to help them relax and be pampered.”

Janette, Sage Mama to Michelle

“Our bond with our baby has greatly deepened. We listen closely to her communication and her cues are longer than 90 seconds. She has less gas and allows us to massage her longer. She sleeps better at night, enjoys tummy time more, and is more aware of her body and her environment. This will help pave the way for our future relationship. We feel like better parents :)”

Carla and Derrick, Sage Parents to Randi

“Your soothing slumber technique helped us bond with Randi tremendously. Plus, it was great talking about other parenting and family issues. She turned one today, still nursing, and she’s a loving baby. Thank you!”

Carla, Derrick and Randi … on year later

“Just the knowledge that I have another “tool in my arsenal” to care-for, and respond-to, my baby’s needs—as mother’s can we ever have too many?! More time spent doing the fun stuff with my baby—the personal bonding that I love. I liked the fact that I could use Rachel as a “sounding board” for all baby info/questions/concerns/etc., not just Baby Massage info. [Rachel was] very personable and yet very knowledgeable too—a rare combo! Overall, I really enjoyed my time with Rachel and will recommend her services to others!”

Liz, Sage Mama to Marty

“My 9 week old daughter and I really enjoyed our infant massage class. It is a great class to do with your newborn, especially since there are not too many classes you can do with such a small baby. I looked forward to that special time with my baby every week where we could share something together that I knew would be relaxing and beneficial not only for her but for our whole family. Rachel has such a calm warmth about her. You feel very comfortable in her class. Whether your baby is crying, eating, or enjoying his/her massage it is a wonderful class where you learn a lot more than just massage strokes. I enjoyed meeting the other families and little ones too.

The most precious gift I received is learning easy ways to soothe my baby. Happy baby, happy mommy and vice versa! I enjoyed learning the massage techniques but I also liked that each class covered a new topic (sleeping, baby wearing etc..). From the very first class, Rachel said that she would just keep teaching and talking but we could do whatever we needed to do to comfort our babies. That relaxed me right away. Thank you, Rachel! You are a wonderful teacher and I appreciate you sharing your gifts and knowledge with Bela and me.”

Diana, Sage Mama to Bela

“We really enjoyed learning how to do baby massage. Now I feel that I have another unique way to strengthen the bond with my baby. I really liked the small class, the fact that we felt comfortable sharing stories, asking for advice and learning how to soothe my baby. Rachel made me feel very comfortable. My baby is a bit fussier than most and she didn’t make me feel bad about his crying. :)”

Heather, Sage Mama to Crew

“The baby massage sessions were really lovely and helped us find a new way to bond with him and to keep him healthier. Baby Ryan seems to love his massages, and smiles contentedly while getting a massage. In addition to learning the massage techiniques, thanks for providing the advice on keeping baby happier and integrating him into our home. That has helpedus in becoming better parents.

Baby Ryan becomes calm and relaxed during his massages, so we use this to prolong his non-crying sessions when he is awake. What I liked best was to have learned a new way to bond with him and keep him healthier. Rachel was so friendly and warm that we were comfortable from the start. In addition to the massage techniques, learning the important details such as how to integrate baby into the household and to keep him happy in the future was an eye-opener. Little examples, such as, where we dedicated one room to him was not ideal, rather the entire home needs to be welcoming for the baby and to keep him happy. The kitchen, for example, could have a little play cutlery in a drawer of his height to play with later.”

Vaishali and Toni, Sage Parents to Ryan

“We love our Tuesdays at Babies in Bloom for Sensational Baby. :] Ever since we started Sensational Baby, Silas has started to sleep at night in his crib! Thank you Rachel!”

Arianna, Sage Mama to Silas

“Everything you said is true, true, true! Honestly, this class changed our lives in so many wonderful ways.”

Sara and Violet … months later

“I am so happy I got to experience this class. I have come away with many invaluable techniques for soothing and bonding with my baby! The most precious gift would be having massage become a part of our nightly ritual. Not only is it soothing before bed, it’s so wonderful feeling that bond and connection with my baby each day! I really liked how there was a lot of information and discussion on all baby related topics integrated into each class. I feel like I learned something new each class. Rachel was very warm and understanding, she made it very clear that our baby’s needs came first and I appreciated hearing different parenting tips with the message that there wasn’t one right way to do things.”

Jackie, Sage Mama to Jonah

“Gabriel and I didn’t know what to expect since this is obviously (4 weeks at start of program) his first class and mine as a first time mom. I loved the feeling of warmth you shared with us for me it was a moment in my week to be with other moms, share stories and connect with my baby. I loved your everyting goes phlisophy meaning you can breastfeed, change diapers,cry and even maybe get to massage your baby!!!! For me it was amazing to learn how to connect with Gabriel through massage. I feel like even at his young age he looks forward to his bedtime routine for several reasons bath time with dad but also MASSAGE time with MOMMY and I don’t know who enjoys it more me or him. Rachel is amazing!!!!!!!! Funny,confident in what she knows and totally open to questions and such. I would love to take more things from her.”

Vanessa, Sage Mama to Gabriel

“Rachel exudes true warmth when it comes to parenting babies. Her depth of knowledge and experience are priceless. This class is a must for both new and repeat parents.

I really love how you talked about mom being the baby’s home. This has really stuck with me. I know my baby loves my touch, my voice, everything! Being that this is my second child, your class helped me to slow down and focus on my baby even more. I feel like I gained an even greater level of appreciation for my baby and the blessings of parenting my infant.

Since my baby wasn’t always happy about being massaged, I found all of your discussion topics to be the most helpful. When signing up for the course I wasn’t expecting to learn about anything other than massage. As a second time mommy I had forgotten things plus I learned new stuff too—specifically helpful/interesting was pre-cry and baby’s breath. I really appreciated the baby-wearing piece too!

Soothing home environment—nice soft blanket, good temperature, reassuring that nursing and changing were all welcomed and encouraged. You help build confidence by reiterating that we know our baby best.”

Erin, Sage Mama to Arden and L’Wren

“I had a great time at your class! You taught us how to massage our babies and also skills to become better parents. I learned how to use massage to relax my baby and I feel that I became a better mother.”

Judy, Sage Mama to Isaac

“Tabitha is our fifth baby girl and was born prematurely. I spent a lot of time before her birth reading about ways to help her thrive after her 32 week delivery and continually came across infant massage as a way to help her thrive and also strengthen the bond between us. After so long of having her in a NICU and feeling like there was very little I could do being able to take the Sensational Baby class and learn something has been wonderful. Since class I have used massage with her everyday and it has helped to calm her and relax her when other things have failed.

I am beyond thankful to Rachel for giving this gift of massage to Tabitha and I. Tabitha is our 5th daughter but she is our first to enjoy massage. I loved the relaxed atmosphere there was no pressure to get the worked on stroke right the first time or remember exactly how it went the next time. Rachel took her time and helped everyone with wonderful patience.”

Scarlett, Sage Mama to Tabitha

“Last night Tabitha was inconsolable and I was able to calm her through massage techniques that you taught me. Tabitha and I thank you so very very much.”

Scarlett and Tabitha … months later

“My baby has been inconsistent in his afternoon napping. After enrolling in the Sensational Baby massage class, Rachel has taught me methods of soothing. Thanks to the amazing techniques, we came home from class and he slept almost 2 1/2 hours! I couldn’t believe how instant the results were! Thanks Rachel Rainbolt!”

Cie, Sage Mama to Brayden

“The tummy moves were so useful for the middle of the night gassiness. Now there’s actually something I can do to help when my daughter is crying. I loved having time to spend just with my baby – without the distraction of my three-year-old and all the things I have to get done at home.”

Wendy, Sage Mama to Zara

“Rachel is a fantastic teacher and we learned not just theory but practical tools for how to help our son through a difficult colic period with infant massage. We highly recommend Rachel.”

Bill and Megumi, Sage Parents to Kai

“Thanks so much for a great class. It is really exciting to finally have some baby massage moves at my finger tips with my third child. My first two really missed out!”

Erica, Sage Mama to Blythe

“I really enjoyed the class (so did Mollie). She took a great nap when we got home! Learned a lot about babies and parenting. I loved learning a new way to connect with Mollie. I’ve enjoyed the blog posts and various articles you’ve put on your FB page too.”

Theresa, Sage Mama to Mollie

“I loved this class! The massage techniques have been very helpful in helping to keep my son calm and happy (especially when he has been gassy, as so many babies are). But I also loved that the class focused on other helpful tips that were unrelated to the massage itself, and helping me to better understand and recognize my baby’s cues and needs. The massage techniques give me a wonderful, beneficial, and healthy activity to share with my son on a daily basis (especially since he is still so young, I feel limited in the stimulating activities I can offer). It gives us bonding time! All the additional information was really very useful! Rachel, you were an awesome example to follow. I loved watching how you interacted with your own sons in such a calm and loving manner!”

Ceci, Sage Mama to Avi

“The most precious gift I have received from this class is the time I was able to spend bonding with my baby. We will be closer emotionally and physically because of this class.”

Dasha, Sage Mama to Drake

“We received the gift of active yet quiet bonding time. Unless I was sleeping with or nursing my child, I used to feel the need to engage her almost constantly. After taking your class, she and I can enjoy being together calmly, quietly, and happily with ease and comfort. I gained another method by which I can express my love for to her. I hope that she gained a sense of acceptance, warmth, and peace. What I liked best about the class was the way you combined solid, professional instruction with an incredible welcoming atmosphere. Rachel helped me to feel comfortable by holding the class in her home and welcoming siblings, using each person’s name, asking participants to share their experiences and ideas, greeting us with smiles and a kind voice, reassuring us that each baby and parent/baby dyad is unique and encouraging us to find what works for us/trust our inner voices, sharing her experiences as a mother, repeating the same strokes each week and gradually adding new ones and arranging the class in a loose “circle” with a shared blanket. Thank you. We enjoyed the class immensely.”

Becky, Sage Mama to Iris

“The most precious gift would have to be my uncovered wisdom. It was always there Rachel just helped me understand what it was. Bryson will benefit from it in many ways. He now has a confident mom who really knows she knows what’s best for him.

I liked that it wasn’t just a massage class, but that there was teaching about all sorts of things. I also liked that we all were involved. Rachel asked us questions and we asked questions. It was a nice and comfortable place to be.

I HIGHLY recommend taking a class with Rachel and also buying her book. I learned so much from her class as well as her book, she is incredibly knowledgable when it comes to children and I just love her parenting approach. I love my new bonding time with my son, it’s something I will use and cherish for as long as he will let me. I feel so much more confident and equipped as a mother. I’m extremely thankful I took this class.”

Kirista, Sage Mama to Bryson

“We do daily massage and connect with each other through touch. I have also learned to appreciate his cues and trust my instincts. I liked connecting with Rachel and the other moms. She helped me to feel comfortable with her relaxed style, sharing her own parenting experiences, and bringing her children to class. I appreciate Rachel’s approach to parenting, and pointing out that there is not one correct way to do things. Each family does what works for them. I also appreciate that she responded to questions I sent her over email. She really seems to care. She also taught me the ever useful skill of nursing in my Ergo carrier. Thanks!”

Karin, Sage Mama to Thomas

“It was great connecting with other like minded moms and getting to learn that others are sharing our struggles and having our successes. Cecilia and I will benefit because that connection greatly eased my stress at times and helped me feel very reassured as a new mom. I loved the extra information we discussed during massages, like babywearing, how to deal with advice, sleep. That was a nice added perk! Rachel is so calm and nurturing that its hard not to feel comfortable. I appreciate that she’s got a little spunk but is not judgy or preachy.”

Suzanne, Sage Mama to Cece

“This class was a great way to connect with my baby and learn ways that I can hel him be more comfortable and more happy. This class was a great experience for me to share with my baby. I enjoyed learning the techniques and talking with the other moms about their successes, challenges and discussing questions about baby care. I’m definitely glad I took the class.”

Julie, Sage Mama to Devon

“I would highly recommend taking this class with Rachel. I learned so much more than just how to massage my baby. I learned about motherhood and found ways to connect with my baby that I might not have found until much later.

The best gift was getting to know my baby’s body. Before infant massage I felt like I didn’t know her physically enough since she is always clothed. My favorite part of class was learning how to use carriers! Rachel was very friendly and caring. I’m thinking abou taking it again, especially since it’s half off the second time!”

Rachel, Sage Mama to Abigail

“Rachel’s delightful, fun, & informative class is a great opportunity to bond with your baby & create rituals for connection. I feel like a better mom because of this class.

I now have confidence in knowing the kinds of touch that will benefit my baby, ideas for ways to bond with my baby, babywearing, & breastfeeding! It all helps me to be a calmer & happier mama!”

Marni, Sage Mama to Samson

“I highly recommend the Baby Massage class – I cannot believe how connected I feel to my baby while I am massaging him. Such an amazing skill. Rachel is just AMAZING!!!”

Jenny, Sage Mama to Ryder

“The most precious gift I have received from this class is the understanding that massage is truly a wonderful way to bond with your baby. We will continue to benefit as we use these techniques for full or even partial massages. As my baby grows, I believe the bonding will only grow greater.

I truly enjoyed having this class in the comfort of a home with friends and their babies. Being able to share in the process as well as discussions made it all the more rewarding.

Rachel is so happy and knowledgeable you could not feel anything but comfortable! Her love of sharing what she has learned with other babies and mommies is clear.”

Amy, Sage Mama to Abigail

“I signed up for this class to learn different techniques to bond with and calm my baby. While I feel I definitely accomplished this, I also gained so much more. Your class provided tools and resources beyond massage that will help me to be the mama I want to be.

The most precious gift I received from this class is recognizing the importance of being “in the moment” instead of worrying about what I “should” be doing. It will help me to be more relaxed, which will definitely benefit me and Maddie (and my husband)! I liked listening to and sharing stories, anectdotes, successes and struggles with other mommies. Rachel helped us to feel comfortable with positive affirmations. Any question, story, struggle was always greeted with acceptance and positivity. It helped to create a safe place to share.”

Julie, Sage Mama to Madelyn

“Your class was a really joy to have been a part of. It was lovely hearing your words of advice and a reassurance to hear that we don’t all have to raise our children in what other’s might see as the “correct” way. Your personal experiences with your boys was very helpful to hear.”

Tania, Sage Mama to Norah

“Honestly, the most precious gift was witnessing the sense of security and love Paisley felt while being in your presence. She benefits from this because you are another person in her world that makes her feel accepted and safe. I liked that there were different topics during each class and the repetition of the strokes from class to class. You encouraged Paisley to be herself and reassured me that Paisley crawling around was acceptable during class. I was able to relax. You seem really confident and caring while teaching the class. I feel lucky to know you. I look forward to getting your Sage Parenting book and sleep book. The JCC was a nice location. I like the song you taught us on the last day.

My baby and I enjoyed taking the Sensational Baby classes with Rachel. Rachel seems knowledgeable in all aspects of parenting. The infant massage strokes were taught at a nice pace alongside of a different parenting topic each week. I highly recommend taking this class. Even if you miss a class, you are encouraged to take a makeup class in the future.”

Jen, Sage Mama to Paisley

“I think the most precious gift I received from your class was learning another way in which I can interact with and nurture my baby. The class itself was a great bonding experience, but we also learned the skills to continue that bonding experience at home.

I liked that that the class was much more than an infant massage class in that we covered several other topics during each class. This made the class a more complete experience and also helped demonstrate the role that massage can play in caring for our baby.

It is clear that you are well-qualified and experienced, and that made me feel very comfortable right away. You also created a comfortable space by starting with introductions and a different question for us to answer each week. I felt that this helped the group break the ice and made us realize that other moms are going through similar experiences. Finally, you are very accommodating of individual situations (like my baby’s reflux!) and even offered suggestions for modifying the massage to make both of us more comfortable.”

Shiri, Sage Mama to Maya

“I loved my baby’s smile and laughter when I massage her and interact with her. Since I knew that she loves my touch, I am trying to make this massage as a routine. What I liked best about the class was the mind set and philosophy of parenting. I am relieved to know that I am not spoiling my baby, but building trust and love by listening to her and meeting her needs. Rachel is a great listener, and she shares all her knowledge and experiences in a comforting way like you’ve known her before.”

Young, Sage Mama to Hannah

“My husband and I attended your baby massage class and absolutely loved it. My husband gave this as a Mother’s Day gift and I can’t think of any better gift than learning to bond with your baby.”

Gary and Amy, Sage Parents to Ava

“My little boy doesn’t stop moving for anything. EXCEPT when I say “Torrey can I give you a massage?” He gets a big smile on his face crawls over and lays perfectly still the whole time. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend Rachel’s baby massage class!!”
Kirista, Sage Mama to Bryson and Torrey
“He was responsive to many of the massage techniques we learned and the conversations in class about sleep, babywearing etc helped me as a mother too, which in turn helped him! I am more confident in my abilities and I think that has made both of us more comfortable with one another- it is amazing how such a tiny person can rule your life and make you question your ability as a parent. I really enjoyed the overall tone of the class; there was no judgement and everything seemed to be focused on creating happy babies and happy families, rather than trying to get our babies to conform to our needs in some arbitrary and destructive way. Rachel was very accessible at all times and never made me feel judged. :)”
Alanna, Sage Mama to Jacob

“After the class I respond better to Dani’s nonverbal communication, it has helped with our nighttime routine, and he is going to the bathroom more often. This class helped us to bond even more! I liked best all the wisdom Rachel shared, getting to know more moms, but especially finding reassurance that it is okay to follow my instincts. I was getting mixed messages and everything she taught us resonated more with the kind of parenting I want to pursue. Rachel is such an angel. I feel I’ve known her forever. Her energy is amazing. Thanks for sharing all you know with us. My only recommendation would be for the class to be longer. I’m sad it is over. Please consider having some other courses/workshops regarding parenting. Thanks Rachel!”

Carolina, Sage Mama to Daniel

“Thank you so much for a wonderful experience I will definitely will be coming back 🙂 I have noticed that I have calmed down from the shoulds and shouldn’ts. I loved your natural approach it was very validating and welcoming.”

Lee, Sage Mama to Tayah

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