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Rachel Rainbolt is the mama behind the Sage Family Podcast, where we gather around a virtual campfire to share meaningful conversations with inspiring and insightful friends around Gentle Parenting, Natural Homeschooling, Simple Living, and Family Adventure.  Are you ready to live the family life of your dreams?

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“I absolutely love what Sage Family has created with these podcasts. The content on here is absolutely magical! I love all of Rachel's insights and the stories of her family's unschooling adventures. The guests she has on are amazing and she has opened up my world to more connections and resources that also align with our family's values. I am always amazed at what I learn and I feel so hopeful and confident after listening to the Sage Family Podcasts!”

Mandy Goss

"Makes me question everything in the very best way! I came here for some unschooling inspiration and am getting so much more than that. The topics Rachel chooses are just so inspiring and thought provoking for all aspects of respectful family living!"


"Invaluable parenting resource: This is one of my favorite and most trusted sources of parenting inspiration. Rachel knows the field inside and out, and brings on exceptional guests. I find myself thinking, "How would Rachel respond?" when interesting puzzles come up in my parenting journey. This is a must listen."


"So inspiring! I just found Sage Parenting and I've been listening to ALL of the episodes! I am so overwhelmed with support and encouragement in my desire to 'unschool' and live more mindfully. Thank you for your honesty."


"Dearest Rachel, Thank you for the amazing work you do! I find so much value in your podcast. The quality is amazing, the guests are extremely interesting to listen to and your personality as a host is super warm and comforting."


"I love to listen while I'm sewing at night. I can get some more education unlearning all that I learned in college and grad school (to become a teacher and master of secondary education). It is true what Rachel says, nothing modifies your perspective on learning and teaching as having your own babies."