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Rachel Rainbolt is the mama behind the Sage Family Podcast, where we gather around a virtual campfire to share meaningful conversations with inspiring and insightful friends around Gentle Parenting, Natural Homeschooling, Simple Living, and Family Adventure.  Are you ready to live the family life of your dreams?

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“This podcast has been breathing life into me. It takes the simple, basic principles of what it means to be a caring and collaborating parent and brings them in a fresh light. Every podcast reminds me of how we as a culture can raise strong, caring humans who are unique in their own way.”

Sarah of Whiskey Road Homestead

“Love, Love, Love this Podcast! I absolutely love what Sage Family has created with these podcasts. The content on here is absolutely magical! I love all of Rachel's insights and the stories of her family's unschooling adventures. The guests she has on are amazing and she has opened up my world to more connections and resources that also align with our family's values. I am always amazed at what I learn and I feel so hopeful and confident after listening to the Sage Family Podcasts!”

Mandy Goss

"Love how this podcast will open your heart and mind to new paradigms and perspectives all while nurturing connection with what matters! Thank you as a first time mom . . . this has brought life to my soul!"


"Beautiful life giving content. I'm pretty sure I need to have this podcast on in my house AT. ALL. TIMES. I am a better, more grounded, more intentional parent and person when I have Rachel's voice in my ears. I'm excited for the growth and aliveness that I know I will experience as I continue to listen."


"Hell yeah, Mama! This show has changed our lives in a matter of weeks and I can't shut up about it. This woman is legit magic. Thank, Rachel Rainbolt, for this spectacularly juicy, joyful podcast! You are a parenting ninja!


"Makes me question everything in the very best way! I came here for some unschooling inspiration and am getting so much more than that. The topics Rachel chooses are just so inspiring and thought provoking for all aspects of respectful family living!"


"Invaluable parenting resource: This is one of my favorite and most trusted sources of parenting inspiration. Rachel knows the field inside and out, and brings on exceptional guests. I find myself thinking, "How would Rachel respond?" when interesting puzzles come up in my parenting journey. This is a must listen."


"So inspiring! I just found Sage Parenting and I've been listening to ALL of the episodes! I am so overwhelmed with support and encouragement in my desire to 'unschool' and live more mindfully. Thank you for your honesty."


"Dearest Rachel, Thank you for the amazing work you do! I find so much value in your podcast. The quality is amazing, the guests are extremely interesting to listen to and your personality as a host is super warm and comforting."


"Easy listening: I love to listen while I'm sewing at night. I can get some more education unlearning all that I learned in college and grad school (to become a teacher and master of secondary education). It is true what Rachel says, nothing modifies your perspective on learning and teaching as having your own babies."


"Simple, Informative, Practical: Love listening to every episode as soon as it is released! The advice and information is so useful and interesting. I appreciate the practical tips for homeschooling, parenting, and general support of providing a nurturing and positive home life. Thank you, Rachel!"


"Minimalism + Unschooling + Gentle Parenting = Bliss: I recently discovered Rachel through another podcast called Exploring Unschooling. I really resonated with so much of what she had to say and the episode she was on became the one I send to friends when I tell them about unschooling. I'm so thrilled to discover that she has her own podcast as well. The added factor of minimalism into our gentle parenting/unschooling life is rocking our world and creating so much peace and ease!"


"A gift to my parenting and natural learning journey! I am so incredibly grateful for Rachel Rainbolt's message of gentle parenting and natural learning. Every episode of this podcast brings me wisdom I can immediately put to use in my life! And as a bonus, there are episodes to help me better care for myself and the footprint I leave on the world. This is my go to podcast and I look forward to each episode as it is released!"


"Refreshing: My husband and I love this listen."

Miss Stephanie Jo

"Sage validates my mama instinct! Finding the Sage Family podcast has been so validating and utterly INSPIRING to me as a new mum. I've been going down Rachel's lineup of podcasts almost every weekday during our morning stroller rides and/or afternoon naps. I used to nap with him but I've been happily trading my sleep to listen more! Hah! Thank you, for sharing such SAGE advice, insight, wisdom . . . for all of your resources you share, for curating the best guests to also learn from and connect with . . . everything resonates with me so deeply. It's like a huge breath of fresh air!"

Cassie Leah

"A must listen podcast: Excellent! I Gai so much value from Rachel's podcast. She digs deep into topics with her guests and provides so much wisdom and answers. So grateful to have found this!"

Boyd fam

"Love the conversations! I love how Rachel gently pushes back against the norm to peacefully include diversity of experiences. I did a deep-dive into this podcast and came away with a refreshed commitment to get my family outside."


"New Mom! Finding my own way. I'm seriously loving this podcast! None other like it out there! I'm a new mom questioning all the societal norms and I feel like I've found a virtual tribe of people who think like I do! Thank you for the amazing content."

Faith filled fit doula

"Thought provoking and inspiring: You can tell that Rachel has put so much time and energy into exploring life deeply and growing. Her work is thought provoking and inspiring."


"Podcast speaks right to my heart. So many great guests and conversations. Helps me feel not so alone in my lifestyle and educational philosophy!"


"Thankful for Rachel. Rachel is a breath of fresh air. I've always wanted to be at home with our family and have home be the classroom. I feel validated now doing so. This podcast is really wonderfully positive and I highly recommend it."


"Wonderful. Love this podcast!! So informative and inspiring - my mama homeschooling soul is nourished after listening!"

Kari Wilde

"I love everything Rachel says. That you for your awesome voice in the AP world!"


"Wild and Free for me! I've been deeply inspired by the Wild + Free movement but been turned off by how heavily laced it is with religion, and trying to figure out how homeschooling looks in an attached family. This is it! Thank you Rachel, I immediately picked up your book and feel revitalized to continue walking a path off the beaten trail."


"Inspiring! In a world full of activity and educational opportunities, listening to Rachel gives me the gentle reminder to listen to my own inner voice, which tells me to slow dow and recognize how much beautiful natural learning takes place in every day living and loving through connections with people and nature"


"Like talking to the most knowledgable friend. This podcast is a must for parents. Rachel has such a beautiful way of relating to you while giving you the best support possible. When you cantata a step back and really take in this magical way of living, it opens doors of possibility and growth for everyone in the family."


"Best Podcast Ever! My favorite podcast of all time."


"Lovely! I am grateful for more beautiful, kind unschooling voices."


"All parents should listen! Rachel is such a wonderful natural parent - she's an inspiration in real life and I'm excited that she's sharing her wisdom for lots to hear. Essential listening for anyone who wants to nurture a happy family life."


"Love it! The introduction as so sweet and has me eager to hear more from Sage Parenting. You can totally hear the calm, fun vibe of this family and I'm so excited to learn more about their adventures in gentle parenting and a grounded, simple life. Just listening to the intro made me go declutter around our house for an hour. I can't wait to see what the next episodes will inspire in me!"


"Wonderful! Loved the intro and excited for more! :)"