Sage Homeschooling Book

Sage Homeschooling

Wild and Free

Second Edition

Sage Homeschooling: Wild and Free offers a natural learning path, for gentle parents who dream of living fully in joy and connection with their children while giving them all they need to be successful, with eight secrets to living a fulfilling unschooling life. 

In this inspirational and secular guide, you will learn how to:

  1. deschool, shaking off all the educational programming that weighs you down
  2. maintain your relationship focus on connection beyond the early years
  3. trust in your children and their natural learning journey
  4. embrace the freedom that fosters meaningful productivity and independence
  5. utilize collaboration in respectful partnership to achieve self-directed growth
  6. fully realize the environment as a valuable tool for playful learning
  7. live a fun lifestyle of learning through rich, adventurous experiences
  8. set your compass for growth and success in all the ways that matter most

If you are ready to take the leap into a lifestyle of passionate learning with clarity and confidence, then read this book!

"Our job as parents is not to educate our children but to provide environmental contexts that optimize their ability to educate themselves. In this upbeat, fun-to-read book about her family’s unschooling practices, Rachel Rainbolt provides a multitude of great ideas about how to do just that." Peter Gray, Research Professor of Psychology at Boston College and author of Free to Learn.

Book 4 of 4 in the Sage Parenting Series.

Sage Homeschooling: Wild and Free

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Proof that Sage Homeschooling is worth it

"Sage Homeschooling is not just a guide for homeschooling, it’s a guide for life. It made me examine myself and realize that providing what's best for my child means providing what's best for me, too. It’s a lifestyle of love and learning to be adopted by the whole family, and it really makes you take a hard look at who you are as an adult, what you value, and how that affects the balance and nature of learning within your family dynamic. Organic, genuine, full of heart and respect for every stage of learning and life, it’s stellar. Really."

 Casey Ebert

What readers said about the first edition

 My sister-in-law recommended your book and I'm in love! I stayed up all night reading it!! And you do coaching!? I just want to let you know upon reading your book I felt so lost and helpless like there was no hope for my kids and last night you changed all of that!! I decided no holding back I'm going all in and my son won't be going to public school in the 1st grade! I'll take the summer to educate and prepare myself!!! Again, thank you so much for writing the book and the others that I must read!!

Chandra Marie Kubicek

"I found this book to be a great resource in beginning the homeschooling journey. It really broke things down and made it feel very manageable and not so overwhelming!"

Sage Mama Katie

"Ignite your passion to homeschool!
If your curious about homeschooling this is the book to read first! I was unsure about reading a book right now about homeschooling as my son is only 2 years old. However, I am super curious and I have been surrounding myself with more and more information about it. I decided to jump into what I thought was the deep end of the pool. I was nervous about how much it seemed it was going to be to take on. Let me tell you, Rachel Rainbolt's book is brilliantly written. She shares her story of how her family came to homeschool their children, their struggles with the traditional schools, doubt and fear about jumping into the homeschool pool. She covers everything from curriculum to materials and resources. She talks about play spaces, organizing and what a day in the life would be like. Her list of references and resources is astounding! This homeschooling mother really does her research and it's all packed into one easy-to-read book! So here I am, I've jumped into the homeschooling pool, the funny thing is that I already knew how to swim and this is what I found out reading "Sage Homeschooling: A Lifestyle for a Connected Family". It's an extension of our daily lives and it can be a super fun experience. It's a way for children to be active participants and engaged in their own education and environment; creatively able to explore their own individual passions. This book has solidified my thoughts about homeschooling 100%. I hope you pick it up and read it today or download the digital version now! It will truly ignite your passion to homeschool!"

Mandy Goss

"My homeschooling questions answered!
I just read the Sage Homeschooling book cover to cover in two nights...with a two year old and a three month old baby! Ok, it's 81 pages but what I mean by that is that I was so excited to hear Rachel's journey and it captivated me so much to not want to put it down. I would read every chance I got, even while simultaneously nursing the baby and putting together puzzles with the toddler. As time goes on and I become a more experienced mother I find myself questioning the norm and really questioning everything I do and say. When I first heard of homeschooling I was quick to judge that it was for parents who wanted to shelter their children. The more I research about how important it is to learn through play for children and how much of a negative impact teaching to the test is having on students and teachers, the more comfortable the word "homeschooling" sounds and feels and I admit my initial judgement was uninformed. I was overwhelmed about where to begin researching homeschooling (hence why I'm already thinking about it when my first child is only 2), and I wasn't sure if I was smart enough or disciplined enough to do it. I was afraid that my children will miss out on the social aspect of traditional schooling. All of my fears have been wiped away, my concerns have been addressed, and I feel empowered to begin preparing for our homeschooling journey, whichever path we choose to take. Sage Homeschooling is an informative read if you are considering something different than the traditional school setting and easily breaks down the options you have and how to get started. Thank you Rachel for sharing your experiences and successes and empowering those around you with your knowledge."

Ashley Schaljo

"Rachel does it again
Every time I opened this book I walked away feeling inspired and informed. Whether you're on the fence about homeschooling or have already decided that's the path you want to take (like me) I highly recommend this book. I felt as if I was sitting across from a friend who's opinion I trust and respect, who was telling me about her experience and giving genuine guided advice. This book is well thought out, has tons of information, and will leave you feeling equipped and excited for this journey. As with Sage Parenting, I will refer back to this book many many times over the years."

Kirista Berry

"Rachel made the idea of homeschooling less daunting!

I read Rachel’s Sage Homeschooling book and I really have to recommend it because it laid things out in a very simple and achievable way, things that had never occurred to me. It made homeschooling bite-sized.

I’d always been teased that my education essentially made me the perfect governness but I didn’t know how to apply that to my child. So it was still a little scary. So thank you for this book. It gave me a starting point and a guide. I am very excited. I will absolutely, 100% homeschool my son. It’s funny because this is something my husband and I had always talked about before but I was really afraid of it because it was something that was super daunting. Where do you start? What does it mean? Do I have to get a map to pull down from the ceiling? I had no idea the things I had access to in my community. I am very excited."

OG Mamacita

"I'm going to be totally honest, when I picked up this book I was skeptical. Not only am I presently studying to be an educator, but I also was partially home schooled myself and I consider it one of the greatest disservices that my parents did for me. That sounds harsh, I know, but my experience homeschooling was really negative and before I dove into this book, I expected it to be a trip down memory lane.

All I can say is that I was pleasantly surprised! I think Rachel is knocking homeschooling out of the park and I really wish my own experience was anything like this! Much of what she says (the importance of play and how children learn) are things that I am learning in my Early Childhood Education classes right now and really makes sense.

While I don't know if homeschooling will be right for our family when the time comes (my son is only 19 months, so I have time to think about it), this book has really made me reconsider my feelings on homeschooling in general and made it something that I do not immediately cringe when I hear the word.

Highly recommended!"

Christina Marie Wilson