Sage Sleep Book

Sage Sleep

Rested and Connected

Second Edition

Do you want a more restful night’s sleep while meeting your baby’s nighttime needs?

Does leaving your baby to cry it out feel wrong, but you don’t know what else to do?

Sage Sleep is the quick and easy guide to harmonious nights for the tired mama. I invite you to question all you think you know about childhood sleep and empower you with the information you need to create nights with your little one that will foster rest, connection, and independence.

In this book you will learn how to

  • Set up a sensory sleep environment and bedtime routine rooted in Montessori and Attachment Parenting.
  • Shift your approach to invite better sleep at night, during the day, and with awakenings.

Finally, a guide for sleep you can trust, that picks up where your natural intuition leaves off, honoring your natural child and bringing your family sweet sleep.

If you are facing another long night and want a guide that can help you cut through all the bad advice to form the gentle night of your dreams (where co-sleeping and night nursing are celebrated), then read this book!

Book 2 of 4 in the Sage Parenting series.

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"I wish I had read this book earlier. As a psychologist and new parent, everything in this book makes perfect sense! It is an easy and informative read. Already recommended it to many others. If you're looking to have a harmonious nighttime relationship with your little one, then this is the book for you!"

Azine Graff

"The birth of a child is life changing. It brings so much joy to any home. Having a baby is also exhausting. And sleep deprivation is a form of torture... after two years of waking up 5-6-7 times I was exhausted, spacey, I had difficulty focusing. I would get in my car and mid drive I would forget where I was going. Work was almost unbearable. The stress on the body is cumulative and the occasional nap I could squeeze in was not enough to recharge. I had heard about sleep training and cio during my mothering journey and they were not for our family. This book, and later working with Rachel on one-on-one coaching has saved my life. In less than 3 weeks my toddler was sleeping through the night, and I was a different person. We did it by remaining connected, we did it while nurturing his needs and mine. I cannot recommend this book enough!"

Steve Baldwin

"Rachel truly gives a new meaning to connecting to your little one, especially when night time can be so stressful for so many. I loved this book, a must read! Can't wait to read more books by Rachel."

Rachel Jacobson Sher

"If you are searching for a book with the latest sleep training method, this book is NOT for you. If you are looking for the secret method to get your baby to sleep for 8 hours straight in their own crib, this book is NOT for you. If you love battling your nine year old at bed time, this book is NOT for you.

So who is the book for? This book is for any parent of children at all ages who is looking for tools to improve their relationship with their child, their child's relationship with sleep, and their own relationship with sleep. Rachel helps you cast off the 'baggage' of societal beliefs and tap into your intuition, all supported with science!

I initially purchased with the plan to gather tools to create a sleep set up/relationship with my youngest (5mo). Our situation is a little unique due to back pain that has me sleeping in a recliner most of the night. This book did indeed give me those tools! And as I was reading the book, I kept thinking, wow, that's so insightful, I could apply that to improve my other children's relationships with sleep and our families over all bed time routine!

Like the review title said, more than I intended!"

Nicole Griffin

"Rachel truly gives a new meaning to connecting to your little one, especially when night time can be so stressful for so many. I loved this book, a must read ! Can't wait to read more books by Rachel"