Sage Sleep Revolution

Sage Sleep Revolution

You know that all the baby training advice of disconnection and dysfunction is not right for you. But what can you do to get better sleep while meeting your baby's needs?

In the Sage Sleep Revolution ecourse, I'll show you the path to rest, connection, and independence. In other words, better sleep, for gentle parenting families.

Your baby is not manipulating, regressing, or in need of training. Your baby's natural needs can be met, you can both have restful nights, and independence can be fostered. Specifically, I'll show you:

  1. How to set up a sensory sleep environment and routine rooted in Montessori and Attachment Parenting.
  2. How to shift your approach to inviting sleep at night, during the day, and with awakenings.
  3. And more.

There will be night nursing and cosleeping. There will be no cry-it-out or controlled crying. Yet there will be quality short and long term sleep. Trust, harmony, and heart fullness will flourish.

We'll Cover

1. Sleep Baggage

You’ve got issues (we all do). It’s time to deal with your shit. We'll identify your baggage, let go of what doesn't serve you, incorporate what does, leave space for new knowledge, and set your filter.

2. Sleep Geography

The setting for your sleep story: where? We'll choose the room for sleep, ditch the baby cage, and set up the right sleep surface.

3. Sleepscape

Now that we have settled onto the right branch, let’s build our nest. We get to design the sleepscape that will foster a healthy life long relationship with sleep while meeting present needs. We'll strip it down, set it up, and make it safe.

4. Sleep Routine

We don’t want a schedule, which is an adult imposed agenda based on the clock, but a routine, which is a predictable flow based on your child’s needs. Your evening flow is your entry into the sleep garden and can set you all up for maximum restfulness. It is the difference between entering the night from a place of scarcity or a place of wholeness. We'll set up the best nighttime, bedtime, and early morning routine.

5. Sleep Interrupted

We'll cover expectations, causes of night waking, and how to respond during those awakenings. 

6. Day Sleep

Naps have to be one of the most grossly misunderstood and over-controlled aspects of parenting. Instead, live a life you love and let sleep happen. Specifically, we'll cover awake time, how much and where day sleep should be happening.

The benefits

In one week, through a sensory approach that incorporates Montessori and Attachment Parenting, you will:

better understand your child's needs

have a clear plan of action

take gradual and gentle steps

enjoy more and better sleep

enhance your connection with your child

be on a long-term path of sleep success

gain confidence as a mother 

In other words, start now and you’ll be perky enough for that coffee date.


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Join me and 802 other peacefully sleeping families right here in the Sage Sleep Revolution and you'll get:

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Proof that the Sage Sleep Revolution works

“If you’ve been looking for sleep support that align’s with what is biologically normal for you child and validates you as a parent and a person, look no further. Sage Parenting is now offering an online version of her services. We “struggled” big time with J’s sleep and I carried a ton of guilt and anxiety about it. I didn’t realize how much pain sleep training was causing ME until I reached out to Rachel. One validating email response from Rachel brought my stress levels around sleep from a 10 to a 2. Highly recommend her!”

Lindsay Stenovec, MS, RDN, CEDRD

“No day goes by that I do not hear a mama friend complain about sleep. Rachel Rainbolt has changed the (sleep) lives of so many families, all by using respectful, gentle, nurturing techniques, and advice. I am excited to see her teachings become a course, so that more and more people will be able to implement gentle and respectful sleep solutions.”

Francesca Orland, NTP, CGP