Sage Slumber Workshop

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Baby massage and beyond, for nighttime

With our Sage Slumber class in San Diego, learn all the strokes you need to soothe your baby into a deeper and longer sleep while also gaining knowledge about:

  • Different sleeping arrangements
  • Safe sleep
  • Why babies wake during the night
  • Strategies you can use to maximize the amount of sleep that’s healthy for your baby

Incorporate the Sage Slumber nighttime massage into your bedtime routine and:

  • Slow Baby’s heart rate
  • Regulate breathing
  • Increase circulation
  • Warm hands and feet
  • Balance hormone levels
  • Give Baby a lasting dose of skin-to-skin contact and bonding

sending your baby off to a peaceful slumber.

Enrollment in Sage Slumber INCLUDES:

  • 90-minute Sage Slumber Workshop
  • Angel Baby Massage Oil for use during class
  • Parent Booklet
    • Stroke Handouts
    • Nighttime Parenting Material
    • Sex After Baby Chapter
    • Worksheet


Note: Please enroll and pay here for the Nature’s Whisper location (click “Register now for a workshop”).

Group $49
Private $99[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]


A class review from Stephanie, Sage Mama to Mario:

“We’ve integrated massage into our nightly routine, and I’ve since noticed that Mario has been sleeping deeper and for longer stretches of time. Taking the time to do the infant massage every night helps us all (my husband included, he loves to participate) unwind and finish the day together while creating a serene environment to bond in.”

A class review from Amy, Sage Mama to Nichole:

“I see it in my babies eyes at night when I massage her … its like she’s saying ahhh… there you are mommy – I love you!”

A class review from Cie, Sage Mama to Brayden:

“Thanks to the amazing techniques, we came home from class and he slept almost 2 1/2 hours! I couldn’t believe how instant the results were! Thanks Rachel Rainbolt!”

A class review from Scarlett, Sage Mama to Tabitha:

“Last night Tabitha was inconsolable and I was able to calm her through massage techniques that you taught me. Tabitha and I thank you so very very much.”

A class review from Vanessa, Sage Mama to Gabriel:

“I feel like even at his young age he looks forward to his bedtime routine for several reasons bath time with dad but also MASSAGE time with MOMMY and I don’t know who enjoys it more me or him.”

A class review from Arianna, Sage Mama to Silas:

“Silas has started to sleep at night in his crib! Thank you Rachel!”

A class review from Carla and Derrick, Sage Parents to Randi:

“She sleeps better at night.”

A class review from Stacy and Tim, Sage Parents to Reagan:

“Massage is now a part of our bedtime routine. Since massaging in the evenings I’ve found that Reagan sleeps more soundly and longer too!”

A class review from Jayda and Cameron, Sage Parents to Rachel:

“We couldn’t finish a class before our daughter would be fast asleep and it still has the same effect on her now.”

A class review from Jeanette, Sage Mama to Ellowynn:

“I took the infant massage for sleep class with my 6 week old and it was great! So much good info for new moms. My baby went from sleeping 5 hours a night to 8-10 hours once incorporating the massage into our routine. We really learned a lot.”

A class review from Joanna, Sage Mama to Averi:

“We looked into infant massage because we were having issues putting our 5-month old to bed. She would not go to bed unless she was rocked to sleep. Although I don’t mind rocking my little one to sleep, it would take up to an hour to get her to fall asleep and she would wake up the second I laid her head down. We began incorporating the infant massage techniques into our nightly routine, and after a couple of weeks we noticed her nightly massages made a great difference. Her nightly massages cut down the amount of time it took to put her to sleep; we went from an hour to doing so in less then 10 minutes. Massages produced those feel good endorphins to relax our little girl that previously took an hour of rocking and bonding time.”

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Pick up some oil now, so you are ready with everything you need to integrate massage into your routine with your baby.

Oil $13

Earth Mama Angel Baby Massage Oil

What’s more calming to a baby then a massage from mama? Make mamas magic touch even softer with natural Angel Baby Oil, a gently absorbable grape seed oil blend that has no nut oils, and is toxin-free and vegan. Angel Baby Oil is infused with calming organic chamomile and moisturizing organic calendula and grape seed oil, and hasvirtually no scent. Perfect for sensitive little noses! No artifical preservatives, dyes or fragrances, just pure natural baby oil for your pure natural baby.