Saying Goodbye

In Mother Nature’s Embrace

The red rocks, like special elder centuries, inspire and protect.

The creek, like the heart, nurtures and flows the most precious of energy from this cradle to the rest of the outside world. Like the voice, it sings a never-ending lullaby.

The earth, like the womb, holds living souls in its most fertile of hands.

The breeze, like breath, infuses every atom in its domain with fullness and peace.

The trees, like grateful offspring, smile and shelter all below.

The creatures who greet me: the butterfly, the dragonfly, the squirrel, the bald eagle, and the blue heron, like the body, dance and soar.

The seasons, like age, use sunshine in summer, color in Autumn, snow in winter, and blossoms in spring to teach the beauty and value of change.

Here my baby has been laid to rest, taken into the circle of life, for eternity all around me.

A kiss from my peaceful soul.

Our view


Breakfast with live music


Pouring my heart onto paper




Leading the way to healing










Turquoise necklace from a Native American woman across the road from the creek where I said goodbye to my baby

I desperately needed a physical thing to touch – some kind of evidence that this baby existed. With this necklace on my chest, where my baby would have rested, I do not have to come home empty handed.


(Read my post Living through Pregnancy Loss for more on my journey through pregnancy loss.)

A heart-felt thank you to the Briar Patch Inn in Sedona, Arizona. From the moment we pulled into this sanctuary we were enveloped in it’s magical, grounding peace. Every word, every pebble, feels like a gift given with intention. I entered this sacred space raw and yearning and left with healing peace. From a mourning mama with a husband and three adventurous little boys, you honored me and I will forever hold gratitude in my heart. 

3 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. Rachel,
    What a perfect place you and your family found that surrounds you with the softness and stillness of nature. You found your perfect ritual for healing. Nature helps lead the way to opening your hearts if you are listening. Heart to you and your family, Jo

  2. we couldn’t go home either after the transition of our Matteo. you may never get over it, but you will get through it strong, brave, mama.

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