Who is Rachel Rainbolt?

M.A. Family Therapy
Parent Educator
Parenting Coach
Media Advocate
CEIM (Certified Educator of Infant Massage)

Rachel Rainbolt is an insightful, nurturing, genuine, and badass parenting sage who empowers gentle parents to confidently connect with their adorably exasperating little ones through her books, classes, and coaching.

She is a homeschooling and attachment parenting mother of three with nearly two decades of experience working with young children and parents, has a master’s degree in family therapy, is a featured parenting expert and media advocate on television and radio, published author of parenting books, articles, and curricula, and a certified parent educator with her company Sage Parenting.


What is Sage Parenting?

HempLeafLogoWelcome to the Sage Parenting Blog, a bullshit-free zone where compassionate and conscious connection reigns.

If words like loving, respectful, intentional, informed, bond, and attachment resonate with you, then you’re in the right place.

Take a little scientific research, add authentic mothering heart, mix in some professional experience perspective, told through snarky humor, and wrapped in a warm hug, and you are in the Sage Parenting Blog.

Our mission is to change the world, one heart full child at a time.

The Sage Parenting Blog covers topics such as:

  • breastfeeding on cue, full term, and in public
  • nighttime parenting through night nursing and cosleeping
  • homeschooling together out in the world
  • parenting effectively within the context of raising heart full people


Who are Sage Parents?

2014SchaljoSage Parents are wise mamas who are committed to raising their little ones in a radical way: with a loving connection and respectful compassion. So sadly radical in fact, that most of us Sage Parents can’t pull from our own childhoods or the child-rearing we see around us for inspiration.

This is our haven, where gentle parents can trust the research-based  information needed to make informed choices, seek guidance for practical challenges, and get lost in the heartsong of a fellow mama sharing the journey.

Sage Parents tend to be:

  • female
  • who are educated
  • aged 18-44
  • with a little one aged 0-5

This makes the Sage Parenting Blog an ideal place to promote a product or service that helps support new mamas and little ones on their journey to rock this parenting love thang and look good doing it.


How many Sage Parents are here?

The Sage Parenting Blog is not a behemoth in terms of numbers but the relationships cultivated with each Sage Parent have yielded a strong trust. Today’s numbers might be small, but the mamas behind them are fiercely loyal. This Sage Parenting movement is rapidly gaining traction and the Sage Parenting Blog is at the forefront. You can get in on the ground floor and join the Sage Parenting Family now as a sponsor.

Users per month: 3,008
Pageviews per month: 5,459
Subscribers: 900
Facebook: 1,600
Twitter: 550


Is Rachel out there hustling?

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Breastmilk – the movie

Online Magazines

Attachment Parenting International
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Print Magazines

San Diego Family Magazine:
Infant Massage Rubs San Diego Babies the Right Way
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Infant Massage USA: Sensational Baby


Sage Parenting: where nature meets nurture
Sage Nighttime Parenting: rested and connected
Sage Breastfeeding & Beyond: wisdom from the front lines for the connected, badass mama
Sage Homeschooling: a lifestyle of connection


Soothing Slumber: baby massage and beyond, for nighttime


What are the sponsorship opportunities?

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 4.55.46 PMAny person or company seeking to align with Rachel Rainbolt and Sage Parenting must share in the mission. Alignment is an honor that I don’t take lightly as I live my personal and professional life with the utmost authenticity.

Do you violate the WHO code, advocate for spanking, or encourage CIO? This is not a good fit for you.

Do you help women to parent like a rockstar (figuratively of course, not literally)? Then let’s talk.

Left Column Banner Ad (size 250 x 350 px): $20 per month
Product or Service Review with Giveaway: $50

Both options include one social media post across Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest.


What do people say about the Sage Parenting blog?

“This blog is radical. Rachel Rainbolt is a mama’s mama! Her posts are a light in the dark. You can set aside all the advice of disconnection because small Sage Parenting changes yield huge results.” – Melissa

“This is so great. Thank you for putting into words everything I’ve been thinking and feeling.” -Nicole

“I feel this. Deeply.” – Leslie

“So many excellent points! Too many inspiring quotes!” – Jenine


How do I become a sponsor?

Email SageParenting@gmail.com to speak to Sage Parents and get in on the revolution!