Stuffed Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

10712528_10152505374683295_6835861576795672105_oStuffed animals always top the “worst gifts” lists yet they still remain the most common gifts given to children (usually by people with no children of their own who are unfamiliar with the nature of the stuffed animal kingdom to invade a home). Don’t get me wrong; stuffed friends are a necessity of childhood. They are treasured while providing comfort and spurring imagination. But how do you herd all these beloved beasts?

I have devised a system that actually works quite well for taming your stuffed wildlife. Enter the Boon Bag. It is basically an empty beanbag seat. You fill it with your stuffed animals, toss it onto the floor, and you can sit on it, jump on it, move it around, and most importantly, easily get stuffed guys in and out. You can even see the stuffies through a port window in the top, but not so much visibility that it looks chaotic.

We have one Boon Bag for each child. Each kiddo gets as many stuffed guys as they can fit into their one Boon Bag. When a new stuffed animal enters their lives, they must decide which stuffies to donate and which to keep.

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