23 Wardrobe

SFP 23: Wardrobe with Zoë Kim

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Listen in iTunes | Listen in Stitcher This is episode 23 and today I’m here with Zoë Kim talking about wardrobes. Zoë is the author of Minimalism for Families and a simplicity coach at Raising Simple where she partners with women to tackle the challenges of a cluttered home and life. She loves to try new food, travel, and talk psychology. With her pragmatic and thoughtful approach, Zoë helps mothers find the best solutions to simplify their homes and lives. She lives outside of Atlanta with her 4 children. Support the show on Patreon Adventure of the Week I share […]

Winter Refresh

Minimalist Wardrobe: Yearly Refresh

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“How often do you refresh your minimalist wardrobe and what does that look like for you?” It’s one of the most common questions I receive from people on the other side of the minimalist wardrobe transition, so I’m bringing you along as I move through my yearly refresh. When It feels most natural to us to flow in sync with the rhythms of nature. If you’ve taken the Bucket System class, you know I hold collaboration sessions with each child as we transition into each new season around responsibilities, learning, experiences, and challenges. If you’ve read Lighten the Mental Load, […]


Minimalist Wardrobe: Shoes

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How many pairs of shoes do you own? The actual number is less important than your experience of this piece of your home and life. Do you stand in front of rows upon rows of shoes feeling overwhelmed every day? Do you have pairs that aren’t comfortable? That no longer meet your needs? That don’t reflect your preferences? Do you suffer from decision fatigue before you even step out to meet the world? The average woman owns 27 pairs. I own 6. And that is the exact right number for me. They serve me so well based on the 5 pillars […]

Simple Kid Closet

Minimalist Kid’s Closet

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Want to improve your child’s emotional regulation and independence while reducing the amount of daily energy required of you? Simplify your kid’s closet! Emotional Regulation Your child’s bedroom should be their peaceful sanctuary. Think about it, children are often staring right into their closets as they try to fall asleep at night (which is why simplifying their closet can also improve their sleep) and it’s often the first thing they see when they wake (setting the tone for the day). Being in a cluttered and chaotic space is incredibly overwhelming, even and especially for children, who absorb their environment and […]

Master Bedroom

The Lighthouse: Master Bedroom and Closet

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contains affiliate links My husband and I have lived together in 10 places before this, our first home that has been ours. Even factoring in the dorm room, I think this is the smallest bedroom we’ve lived in. I mean, cozy . . . real cozy. This information is not presened as a complaint; we love our home, but as context. When living in a small space, it’s even more essential to lean into simple living: inviting things into the space with great intention and releasing the clutter. It also feels even more essential to design the space with great […]